October 9, 2017

The Mouse Mansion

I've got a funny story about this one....I literally saw the cover of 'The Mouse Mansion' by Karina Schaapman on Amazon and clicked 'order' in 3 seconds. I didn't even read about it. I saw it, gasped, put it in my cart, and clicked purchase. THREE SECONDS. That might be a new record for me in book buying!

It looked amazing, and WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT COVER. But you know, I was thinking well, hopefully it's cute!

And then it arrived.

Look at the name down below. One of the main mousie characters is NAMED JULIA. Her best friend is Sam. They live in a Mouse Mansion and have adventures.

Ok so I hope you took a good long stare at one of the pictures up above. Do you see what's going on here? THIS IS A REAL DOLLHOUSE. SOME MAGICIAN MADE THIS. Every inch of it. All the bit and pieces. All the props. All the decorations. All the LITTLE WEE FOOD, AND LITTLE WEE PILLOWS, AND......

lights. rugs. toys. cutlery. pictures. bead curtains. SOCKS. mirrors.

You could look at this book every day for 6 months and still find new details every time you look at it!!!!!

What's so great about it is that this book is going to appeal to a WIDE range of ages. Any kiddo from age 3.5 to 9 or 10, I kid you not, is going to 100% appreciate what's going on in these pages!

There's no real plot per se - the book is a set of short chapters that detail Sam and Julia as they go along their merry way in and around the Mouse Mansion. Sam has a large extended family who lives in the mansion with him, so there are tons of cousins and aunties and uncles and siblings running about. At one point, Sam is surprised to discover that he has a new set of triplets for brothers and a sister. He's not at all happy to discover that he's expected to assist in diaper changing, but he and Julia gamely help out before running out to play.

One chapter details a birthday party. Another shows how the mice hoist supplies up to the top attic. They do the laundry. They get chicken pox. They go to a bakery. They hear tales from Grandpa, the sailor. They go to a shop THAT SELLS EVERYTHING. Each 'chapter' is a couple of pages long, and there are huge, glorious photo-pictures on every page.

Look at the end pages in the back of the book - showing the Mouse Mansion lit up at night. There's a different set of end papers in the front of the book showing the rooms during the day.

YOU GUYS!!!!! You guyyyyyyyyyyyys. Seriously. Please consider this one for holiday gift giving. It's MAGICAL. The level of detail.....I can't even believe it. I have to stop talking and direct you to The Mouse Mansion website. There are DIY crafts! And a TON more information about the creative team who made all of this. Apparently it took Karina Schaapman years to make the mansion. And if you go to Amsterdam, you can visit and see the Mansion in all of its real life glory! (this is where I stop and check ticket prices to Amsterdam.)

This. book. is. INCREDIBLE.


  1. I adore this book! I saw it at our local library a few years ago and instantly fell in love. My kids and I poured over it for hours and hours. Staggeringly fabulous!

    1. it's AMAZING right??? the depth, the level of detail inside the rooms. My jaw was ON THE FLOOR.

  2. Wow! The details! I need to get a copy.