November 3, 2017

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday and Happy November! I've never been so happy to see an October go away. It was just all too too much. But we ended the month in a fine way, with a lovely Halloween that was seriously so perfect in the weather department. Not too warm, not too cold, with piles of crispy leaves on the sidewalks. My favorite moment was when the tiny tot daughter of a friend announced after the first round of trick or treating - "I'm all done, will someone go trick or treating for me?". Julia dressed up as Pusheen the cat. She already had pink jeans and some Pusheen stuffies, which we attached to little bracelets on her wrists. We found a pastel blue-lilac and pink wig on Amazon, and a Pusheen sweatshirt, and a silver sequined kitty cat ear headband - added sparkly makeup and her grey cross body mini purse and away she went! You can see a little snap of her on this week's 5 Hours 'til Bedtime.

Cool Stuff this week:

Masala chai chocolate chip cookies.

Loved this house tour.

I had NO IDEA about any of this, did you??

Making this pasta as fast as I can.

The most beautiful candle tapers in autumn colors.

A trick for staying present.

November vibes.

Top 10 Instagram accounts for home decor inspiration.

Ok Uniqlo. I purchased several things for Julia there this fall, and I'm blown away by the quality and the price! Thick, sturdy, and well made - and she adored everything I got from them.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Mermaid' by Jan Brett. Oh Jan, you wizard you. I just adore her works to bits. Her books have brought such joy to our reading life over the years! Was totally amazed when I saw this newest creation - a take on the 'Goldilocks' theme, set in an underwater world with a mermaid as the protagonist! It's brilliant, and Brett's vibrant art, as always, is enchanting. And when I saw that she had constructed the tale to reflect Japanese influences, I did a happy stomp. THAT'S RIGHT. Happy stomp! Inspired by the seas off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, the story follows Kiniro, a little mermaid, as she curiously explores the coral and seashell home of an Octopus family. There's a baby octopus! Everything Jan Brett creates is magical, and this is no exception. Holiday gift alert....

Have a lovely weekend! It suddenly turned very cold today. Some places got a little dusting of snow! Julia and I are reading this together, and she and Andrew are reading 'The Silver Chair'. And Julia asked if we could make a cake together (of course, child. you don't need to ask twice!) and I think we're going for this one. What are you guys eating and reading? #nosy



  1. wow! That clothing company looks great! Thank you for the heads up! My two middle girls may be getting a few things from there! And Mermaids from Jan Brett? I'm all over that one!

    We made applebutter over the last few days. Yum. First made applesauce of course, and then just cooked, cooked it down after adding the spices. Always reading so much! We really loved the picture books One Upon a Memory by Nina Laden and The Scarebird by Sid Fleischman. :)

    1. I did a full back up reverse when I saw the Jan Brett in a store. It is SO COOL, and so is Uniqlo - not a ton of inventory for kids, but zowee is their stuff so well made at an Old Navy cost! I got my kiddo a fluffy jacket that she literally has worn every day since she got it, and a few shirts and a pair of pants. ALL of it so great! I've never made apple butter. You've inspired me to try. And off I go to check out those picture books......

  2. Our Halloween was cold! In the 30s! Just two days earlier, it had been in the high-60s/low-70s.

    That book looks divine! An underwater theme seems like new territory for Brett. I'll have to check it out!

    1. Ooooh that's cold! I tell you what else is cold. 40 degrees and rainy. It's a RAW sort of cold - that my kid had to play soccer in last weekend - I kept asking Andrew if it was safe - and he's laughing joyfully saying this is what playing soccer in the Pac NW is like! UGH.