November 13, 2017

cool stuff i like

Happy Monday! I'm not ready for it to be Monday, and yet here we are. I can already feel like it's going to a round-the-clock cup of tea kind of day. I'm starting to seriously think of Christmas. You know how I feel about T-day - it's just speed bump in the way between Halloween and Christmas. I'm going to try so very hard to knock out a ton of my Christmas list by early Dec. What are you all eating for T-day by the way? Here's my menu: a brined turkey that I bought from Trader Joe's. A cornbread, bacon, leek and pecan stuffing that's a Martha Stewart recipe from some years back. Brussels sprouts. Whole baked sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows (I'm doing this idea, and I have to heartily thank MFAMB for the link!)), rolls, and pumpkin pie made from actual pumpkin. And that's it. Oh and cranberry sauce. That's it. That's plenty right? (no mashed potatoes because my family hates them except for me) In case you're catching some uncertainty in my tone, it's because we're doing T-day at my home this year for the first time, and I've only cooked one turkey in my life and that was over 20 yrs ago. My plan is to have Martha Stewart's site and/or the Food Network open on my computer all day long. My other plan is to make the cranberry sauce, the cornbread (gonna freeze it) and the pie dough this week.

Things online to peek at:

Pumpkin muffins. (and a cute new-to-me blog!)

Gingerbread slime. (saving to show Julia) 

Aaaaaaah, I still need to finish Season 1!

1970's children's picture books.

I'm going to knock out at least half of my Christmas list shopping for family from Zenbunni.

The time is NOW to get set up for Advent book awesome - check out Danielle's list of 24 seasonally themed picture books and crafts!

18 dinners and lunches to get you through the holidays.

Have you heard of the Honey app? It sounds very useful!

Great roundup of the best pajama sets to buy for the holidays.

Cool Book of the Week 'Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms' by Katherine Rundell is a book Julia just finished, and I've just begun. I bought it about 6 months ago, and we're only now getting to it. First of all, the cover and title - COOL.  I wasn't really expecting Julia to be all that into the topic - I pretty much got it for myself because it's about a BRITISH BOARDING SCHOOL - you know how I love my boarding school books! A 12 year old girl named Wilhelmina (Will for short) has to move from her beloved home on the African plains to a London boarding school, and leave behind her best friend and everything she's ever known. I'm only the first chapter in, so I can't weigh in, but Julia LOVED it and tore through the whole thing in 2 or 3 days.

Have a wonderful start to your week! I've got some books I'm so excited to show you coming! Please give me turkey tips. Do you like the hot blaze and then a slower heat technique? Do you like a steady temp throughout? I'm reading up on it all. This article seems helpful! I kid you not, the last turkey I cooked, the power went out midway through and it sat in the oven without opening for 4 hours before the power came on.....and when I eventually cut into it, it was moist and delicious - it had basically been very slow cooked!



  1. I really liked Cartwheeling Through Thunderstorms. I forgot about it. I need to show it to the oldest. We're doing Thanksgiving at my Sister's this year. I know I'm making stuff, but I don't yet know what that may be. My happy news is that there doesn't seem to be any Nutcracker rehearsals scheduled for that weekend, and my husband will actually be home, so we can put up Christmas decorations and go places together!

  2. We're gonna do deco that weekend too! I can't wait! Tday is early this year so I get to get my Christmas on even earlier ha ha!

  3. Use an oven-bag for the turkey. I've had awesome success. And if you buy a frozen bird, allow about 16 extra days for that thing to thaw. That is where I have had terrible problems - I'm ready to start cooking and the thing is still rock hard in the center.

    We have two dinners this year, one on Thursday and one on Saturday. That means lots of cooking and no looking forward to Christmas. But on Sunday, BOOM. Out come the twinkle lights.

    1. Thank you for the tips!! Have fun with the multi meal holiday - more fun and more yum :) - guess what - I love my IKEA holiday light strand so much, that I never took it down. Yup, I'm THAT person.