November 7, 2017

cozy new books I want

Hey cuties! I found a bunch of new and new-ish lifestyle and cooking books that I just can't wait to take a peek at with my own two little eyes. And perhaps you would also be interested? Let's go chat about all the awesome:

'Lagom - The Swedish Art of Balanced Living' by Linnea Dunne. Look at that cute cover! What's Lagom??? Is it like hygge?  I've have no clue, but I want to find out. It means "not too much, not too little, just right." It sounds like the spiritual or lifestyle equivalent of the Goldilocks fairy tale! It sounds like it takes on the idea of Hygge (being cozy) and expands upon it, broadening the concept to make it applicable to one's entire life, even down to your clothing.

Oh em gee - 'The Cottage Kitchen - Cozy Cooking in the English Countryside' by Marte Marie Forsberg. Are you kidding me???? I've gotta have it! Forsberg is Norwegian, writing about her move to England, her travels, and the foods she created that reflect both her Scandinavian past as well as comfort food from her adopted country. Just out this past October, it features seasonal chapters (including one on afternoon tea!) that detail recipes such as Orange Cinnamon Knots, Blackcurrant Porridge, Autumn Bruschetta with Chanterelles, Norwegian Trifle, and Lemon Curd Sponge Cake with Pistachios, just to name a few.

Now, for those of you who've grown bored with tidying up your home a la Marie Kondo-style, a new-to-me Japanese lifestyle idea has come to town - 'Ikigai - The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life'. Ikigai means 'reason for living'. Amazon describes it more fully: "....according to the residents of the Japanese village with the world’s longest-living people, finding it is the key to a happier and longer life. Having a strong sense of ikigai—the place where passion, mission, vocation, and profession intersect—means that each day is infused with meaning. It’s the reason we get up in the morning. It’s also the reason many Japanese never really retire (in fact there’s no word in Japanese that means retire in the sense it does in English): They remain active and work at what they enjoy, because they’ve found a real purpose in life—the happiness of always being busy"

Hmmm, I don't know about the always busy part, personally I love to sit and do nothing, but I'm very much wanting to read this book.

If you read my blog for any length of time, you'll see me ping ponging between my great love for Scandinavian and Japanese books and cultures and food, with a HEFTY portion of British tea party thrown into the mix. The next book I found that I really want to check out is 'North - How to Live Scandinavian' by Bronte Aurell (beautiful name!!). Now, I'm pretty sure I would make for a terrible Swede - I'm deathly afraid of cold weather and I'm not very outdoorsy, but I'm still fascinated with everything Scandinavian. So I want to read more about the lifestyle, the food, and the decorating that goes along with Scandinavian culture.

'Goodbye Things - The New Japanese Minimalism' by Fumio Sasaki has to have one of the greatest titles I've come across. GOODBYE THINGS! Goodbye! I came across a house tour not long ago, I've linked to it before, and my first thought was where's all their stuff??? And my next thought was, this is actually AMAZING. I'm always always always trying purge my crap, sometimes I purge something I regret, but I'm usually fighting a battle between wanting to surround myself with cozy clutter and pillows and blankies and tea cups and books, and wanting to give everything away. I'm much more inclined to keep all of my clutter, which is why I think I'm drawn to ideas like minimalism.

And lastly today, I leave you with 'Scandinavian Comfort Food' by Trine Hahnemann. The subtitle is 'Embracing the Art of Hygge'. Oh hygge, I embrace you! Oh how I embrace you! Out of all these Scandinavian, English, and Japanese lifestyle notions, it's hygge, the spiritual equivalent of being cozy, that most resonates with my soul. Fishcakes with Herb Sauce and Mint Fried Potatoes. Rye pancakes with blueberries and golden syrup. Easy morning spelt rolls. Marzipan coffee bread. Warm butternut squash with almonds and herbs. This book looks like one giant YES to me.

So what do you think? Don't they all look wonderful?? Which one looks the best to you? I want to read them ALL.


  1. Aww, to have these books, adding to my not-so-minimalist clutter... 🤣

    1. RIGHT? I could never really be a true minimalist because of alllllllllll the books.

  2. I just read Scandinavian Comfort Food yesterday! I have to bring it back to the library this week. I'm not sure about this one for me, it is a beautiful book-I really like her intros to her recipes. Yet, the recipes-not sure if I would make any of them. I don't like fish that much, and I hate rye, and that seemed to be in a lot of recipes. Although that marzipan coffee cake-YUM!

    I am so with you on the hygge-I feel like this is the way I have tried to live my life, comfy and content, enjoying small pleasures, and I'm so glad to finally have a name for it! I have to buy Lagom, because how can I not with that adorable cover? North sounds super good too-and Cottage Kitchen is going on my Christmas list.

    1. Oh how timely eh? I'm gonna go see if my library has it! Thank you for the feedback!!

      Yes yes yes yes - I feel exactly the same way! hygge isn't just a trend for me - I feel like it's an idea I've had and been searching for all of my life, how to best put it into practice and words - and of course the Scandinavians knew about it all along!!

      Cottage Kitchen is 100% going on my Christmas list too.