November 21, 2017

Frank the Seven Legged Spider

Aaaaaah I've been sitting on this one for so long! I specifically did NOT want to show and tell it during the month of October, because I didn't want it getting misinterpreted as a 'Halloween' book or thrown under the Octobery bus. Because this darling is nothing but 100% sweetness, and it's just the best, any day of the year.

'Frank the Seven-Legged Spider' is the creation of my amazing pal Michaele Razi. And friends, she is AMAZING. Such a delightfully talented artist! Her work is fun, vibrant, and charmingly whimsical - and she's just come out with a picture book that she both wrote and illustrated.

Frank is a cutie pie of a little spider, who revels in creating marvelous and artistic webs. He loves pranking humans with his lacy creations, and heartily tee-hees when unsuspecting people plunge headlong into his webby designs. But his most favorite endeavors are jumping, wiggling, and best of all....SCURRYING. Frank is a big fan of having eight legs.

Until one day, he wakes up with one less leg. No one knows where it went. His friends aren't even sure if he's still an actual spider.


Frank decides to go off in search of his leg. He's a practical little fellow! He looks hither and yon, over and under things, and yet, he just can't locate his leg.


(One of the things I love most about Michaele is her sense of fun, and her wit. The most hilarious page of the story is when Frank ponders whether his leg might be in a "dark, warm cave" - which happens to be the nostril of a snoozing gentleman sitting on a park bench. Franks finds a nose hair and realizes that it most definitely is not his leg.)

Little Frank realizes (after searching everywhere and coming up leg-less) that all the things that make him spidery are still in place - he can wiggle, and jump, and scurry, and he can still make gorgeous webs. He can carry on with being his fun spider self, and he goes on doing his thing, and having a great time. And he's learned that his identity is not wrapped up with his new physical circumstances.

If you have a kiddo ages 3-7, this picture book is a delight that you're going to want to give as gifts. Michaele is a fresh breeze of an artistic talent, and the joy that is so much a part of her personality infuses all of her work. Cute, cute, and more cute.


  1. This review was everything to me! You are LITERALLY the best! "I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS"!!! And can we talk about your photography??? GORGEOUS (AS USUAL)!!!

  2. Thanks for the review! I really like your blog, it is very informative and fun!

  3. This is such a fun book! How fabulous to know Michaele herself! The kids at our Halloween (sorry!) read aloud. But we did tell kids it was a great book at all times of the year.

    1. Bethaney I am just now seeing this! It got lost in my spam filter, I'm so sorry! Michaele is AMAZING and GORGEOUS and no joke - a ray of sunshine like you can't believe. She's like a magical fairy!