December 1, 2017

cool stuff i like

Happy December, to all you winter elves out there!!!! This is going to be an extra long intro. Aaaah, it's been awhile. Here's why it's been awhile. Some of you might know that I'm a non-practicing lawyer - well, I've kept up my bar association membership instead of moving my status to inactive - anyway that means that every three years I have to report in with a certain amount of continuing legal education hours. You get 3 years to get all your hours in. EVERY TIME, I wait until the last month to get my CLE hours in. Because there is something wrong with me, it's like I ENJOY the pain. Anyway, this year is my year to report, and I have a gazillion hours to get in before Dec 31. Merry Christmas to meeeee!!!!

Also - I just took a very part-time job as a preschool and kinder aged drama teacher. Because I act like an over stimulated toddler, someone thought it would be a good idea to let me be in charge of a group of kids for a few hours a week. Maybe I'll get fired after the first month?? Who knows? I'll keep you updated! So anyway, I've been training for that. AND - yup I'm still taking photos and I just finished up a super fun in-home family session - it was so great and the family was SO to add onto the pile is a lot of work editing photos for me. SO IN SUMMARY - the computer and I are basically one entity right now. I'm doing my legal classes and my photo editing at the same time. It's joyous. Guess what I'm doing in January? Sleeping and watching all of 'Poldark' Season 2. I missed it last year, so I have to catch up.

Guess what I'm NOT doing this year? Making photo holiday cards. Just can't manage it. And there are so many darling holiday cards, I wanted to make use of just some regular cute cards. As much as I enjoy seeing friends and family photo cards, I'm so excited when I just get a beautiful holiday card with an illustration of some kind on it. I got the ones up above at World Market, aren't they so cute? (no, I don't artfully arrange my fruits on the counter - that was just for your benefit. blog and Instagram photos, say it with me....ARE NOT REAL LIFE.)

What else. Our tree goes up next week! So many people got theirs up the day after Thanksgiving, and I felt so behind the other day, and then realized that it wasn't EVEN DECEMBER YET. The good news is that I have the majority of my holiday gift giving either done or figured out. I know people hate the idea of Black Friday, and I do too - my kiddo wanted to go out and "experience Black Friday" and I was like "No thanks, I've already stood on my feet a million hours during Thanksgiving week". BUT - I do love love love Cyber Monday. So I did avail myself of that. Looooove Cyber Monday!

Ok I've found some fun things to usher in December:

LOVE these simple holiday lantern looks.

I just discovered a new blog!!! How to Hygge the British Way. Christmas came early!

And while we're on the subject.....I told Andrew that this book better find its way into my stocking or else.

Beautiful and simple gifts for tiny tots.

My Christmas Pinterest board!

Cornish pasties anyone?

Absolutely LOVE these ornaments.

OMIGOSH THIS MANTEL! It's perfect in every way. I adore decorating holiday mantels. Alicia's mantel, when I saw it, seriously made me gasp and squeal.

Cool Book of the Week: Speaking of gasp & squeal, when I happened across 'The Boy Who Lived in Pudding Lane' by Sarah Addington and illustrated by American artist Gertrude Kay, I freaked out. I have to have this. This is a 2017 reissue of story written in 1921! About the 'true account' of Santa - the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Claus. The story follows Santa as he spends his childhood living in Pudding Lane. PUDDING LANE!!! I kind of stopped buying Christmas books once Julia got past her early elementary years, but this one, I've got to have it.

Have a lovely weekend! Will you be watching any holiday movies? I'm so wanting to sit on my sofa one evening, and start eating gingerbread cake. I guess I have to make it first. Let the gingerbreading begin! 'Gingerbreading' is totally a verb. Do you have a Must Have treat during the holidays? For me, it's gingerbread. For my husband, it's panettone from World Market. For my daughter, it's iced gingerbread cookies from World Market. Actually for me, it's marzipan chocolate candies from World Market. It's basically our holiday store. PLEASE SPONSOR ME WORLD MARKET, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.



  1. The scattered fruit comment made me laugh because in my kitchen, there is random fruit everywhere AROUND the fruit bowl!! I hope you won't be TOO Swamped to have some fun together! Can't wait to see you! xoxo

    1. ha ha ha! fruit looks nice anywhere! I can't WAIT to see you. By then, my photos and my CLE's will be DONE. Or at least the photos will! I might be merrily CLE'ing until Dec 30. But I can lie in bed and listen/watch them!

  2. How exciting about your new job! I'm a substitute teacher, and my very first job was with a kindergarten class-and I vividly remember standing in front of them thinking "I have no idea what I'm doing!". What saved me is I really enjoy the little kids, and they are the best audience. I make silly jokes and they laugh like crazy.

    I am all about the holiday movies! My favorites-White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas In Connecticut, and a new favorite-Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray-Remember the Night.

    The holiday treat for me is the spritz cookies. I have a real love-hate relationship with them. I made them successfully for years, then all of a sudden, I couldn't get the dough off my cookie press :( Now it is hit and miss for me, but nothing says Christmas to me like spritz!

    1. Oh that's wonderful to hear - thank you for the encouragement, I've been so so nervous! Ohhhhhh a spritz press. How I long for one!!! I've never seen Christmas in Connecticut - I think that should be next on my list.

  3. OMG! You're going to do AMAZING as a drama teacher! Those kids are going to have so much fun and what a cool and wonderful experience for them. I wanna take the class!!

    1. ha ha ha i've been telling everyone there how nervous I am, they're probably like, hmmmmmm. Thank you soooooooooo much for the vote of confidence!!!!

  4. I keep meaning to try panettone!

    A drama teacher for littles!? I love it. I can't wait to hear all about it.

    OMG that snipped branch lantern!

    Those Cornish pastries!

    The Hygge Holiday looks SO good!

    I'm totally following Hygge the British Way! I'm ready!

    That mantel reminded me how badly I want quilted stockings!


    1. TRY PANETTONE. right now!!!!! right now! you know what is even better than just eating panetonne warmed up a bit or toasted with butter - making it into French Toast. It's WONDERFUL. My husband thinks that's a waste of good panettone, but he's not a fan of French toast. It's so so amazing, I swear!

  5. I forgot to mention-your hair looks SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love when really dark hair has that silver, I had brown hair but it wasn't as dark as yours. I love that mix of dark and light.

    1. you are SO KIND!!!!! thank you so much. seriously. most of the time I walk past a mirror and kind of go well, what can ya do, and sigh. But the FREEDOM from coloring....for me it's worth all the cognitive dissonance I feel when I see all the grey hair!!

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  7. oh i have just stumbled across your blog
    and i absolutely love it...
    you sound completely adorable...
    AND i love books so...
    I'll definitely be back!

    1. hello new friend!!! I just commented on your blog. I'm just thrilled to pieces that you're enjoying it here :) Hurray, you totally made my day!