December 4, 2017

Holiday Books for Kids

I've got a new holiday book roundup for you! I think I missed last year putting together a collection - I was busy showing off standalone posts of Christmas books. Might have missed the year before as well. But be sure and check out the seasonal tab in my 'Topics' sidebar, or type in 'Christmas' in the search window, and all of my Christmas posts should jump into view. Have a party! I totes had a party writing them.

Look at these BEAUTIES. Aren't they lovely?? Let's talk about 'Ghosts of Greenglass House' by Kate Milford. Julia and I read 'Greenglass House' last year, and we both loved it. There's such a cool VIBE to that book. Milford did an amazing job of sucking you totally into her world of a snowbound smuggler's inn, with secretive visitors, and a mystery (there's a very very cool twist) that unfolds during Christmas. It's cozy reading for the middle grades, and I'm so excited to read the sequel! Ghosts at Christmas time is pretty much all I can ask for from a book. To say 'A Christmas Carol' is my favorite story of all time is kind of like asking me if I enjoy gingerbread.

'Last Stop on the Reindeer Express' stopped me in my tracks when I saw it on my friend Michelle's Instagram. If you're not following Michelle on her blog, Avery and Augustine, and on her super incredible IG feed, well you're missing the work of a true book finding wizard. She featured this GORGEOUS picture book recently, and I started hyperventilating. I'm not really looking to add new Christmas picture books into my household at this point, I'm trying to DOWNSIZE - but this one...oh em gee. Karl Mountford and Maudie Powell-Tuck's story of a girl's magical journey atop a journeying reindeer looks incredible. What a gift this would be! Go go!

Last year, Julia read 'A Boy Called Christmas' by Matt Haig, the first in a trio of holiday themed adventures aimed at middle to upper elementary kids, and loved how it detailed the story of Nicholas, a boy who eventually becomes Father Christmas. There's also 'The Girl Who Saved Christmas' and the newest story, 'Father Christmas and Me' -  about a kiddo who has to deal with being a human going to Elf School, and all the various woes and misadventures of growing up with Father Christmas as your DAD.

Some lovely picture books! Incredible art. 'Pick a Pine Tree' I've been seeing everywhere online lately. And look at it. I haven't seen the other two in person, but I've seen this one, and it's so lovely, and I'm OBSESSED with Christmas trees. Picking out a tree, and a mince pie, and my gingerbread, and that's Christmas for me. Love and kindness? Well ok, if you say so. I could be 99.9 years old, and I'll still be decorating a Christmas tree, even if it's a stick. I'm ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS TREES.

The other two just jumped out at me and look so sweet. 'The Little Reindeer' by Nicola Killen - loooooook at that arrrrrrrrrt. All black and white with flashes of red, the story follows a little girl helping a lost reindeer, as they travel on a magical adventure. And 'Finding Christmas' by Lezlie Evans and Yee Von Chan....little forest animals give up their presents to help a swallow found sick in the snow. It looks so cozy! Adorable.

Hope I've helped to give some direction in the realm of holiday books - there's only twenty GAMILLION holiday books - usually I'm just vintage vintage vintage - but there's darling new books coming out to give the classics a run for their money as well. Cheerio!!


  1. Thank you for the list of great Christmas time books! I know..."Never judge a book by it's cover" but these covers are sooo beautiful!! I too love Christmas trees, sadly we live in a small house and only one has to be enough! :) Wishing you a great second week of Advent!

    1. You are so welcome Angela!! I so don't agree with that old adage ha ha - I judge all the books by their covers!!! I've even purchased books just from the covers!

      Is it really week 2 of Advent? Oh my oh my. I'm still trying to get our tree up! We usually have it up by now!