January 4, 2018

cool stuff i like

Merry New Year! I didn't mean to take such a long break. Blogging properly is getting harder and harder. I see now why Instagram is so popular! Well Christmas is over. BYE BYE CHRISTMAS. December was a hard month, I just couldn't get it together to accomplish all that I needed to, so it was a slow painful process. I did manage to squeeze out some holiday spirit on Christmas Eve, when it began snowing. We had a white Christmas! That almost never happens in the Pacific Northwest! It was lovely. We had a great time between Christmas and New Years, and then the day after New Years I slipped on the top step of my upstairs and fell heavily flat on my back down about four stairs. Now I'm on a steady diet of Advil and ice packs. I'm moving into phase 2 of my holiday decorating - I used to get so so bummed to put away my Christmas tree, I began putting up 'winter' decorations, mostly in the form of 20,000 paper snowflakes, made for me by my indentured servant, I mean husband, Andrew. He's a snowflake wizard. I'm trying to up my snowflake game, but I'll have many a far terrain to cover before I can get close to his mastery.

I was going to do a blog post on what I got for Christmas, but that sounded hard. What I WILL come back with is my review of THE NIGEL SLATER BOOK that I've been carrying on about for the past month, in person, on Facebook, on Insta, anywhere and anyone, I was carrying on about the Nigel book. Well I finally got it and it deserves its own post.

Books to read in 2018.

This cake looks lovely and I might make it for my birthday in a few weeks.

Hot chocolate pudding.

Beautiful story.

Winter skin rituals.

Loved this article.

Works of art dolls.

One of Julia's favorite Christmas presents was this.

Sounds so silly to say, but I never fathomed how much my inability to navigate our music system or radio through our TV was making my life a cold, sad place. I haven't really listened to much music in the past....10-15 years? 20?? Andrew took advantage of Cyber Monday for once in his life and got me this for Christmas, and I kid you not - this thing is changing my life. Also he says I might need this.

THIS. All the yessssssssss! Easing yourself into the new year. I have a cosmic theory that my husband would guffaw heartily at, but I think the ideas touched on in this post are maybe part of the reason I fell down my stairs.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Leon - Ingredients and Recipes' by Allegra McEvedy (best name ever) is a fun one that I looked through the other day. I have two of the other 'Leon' cookbooks, and I LOVE them. Do you know these books? I think they are some of the most unique, fun, and cool cookbooks around. I have the Baking book, and Naturally Fast Food, and I also had this one for awhile from the library. I really like these books! Very cool PICTURE PICTURES PICTURES - soooooooo many pictures, and fun recipes, and fun fonts (yes fonts are fun and cool) - these are not your standard dry cookbooks. Loads of personal stories and funny anecdotes - these books make you feel like you happened across some witty person's scrapbook of Very Cool Recipes. Easy to make recipes, fun to read - I just adore these books, and I almost got this one to go along with the others in my collection....but I had just purchased THE NIGEL SLATER BOOK, and that was my purchase of the day, so I had to leave this lovely.

 Have a lovely weekend! AAAAAH almost forgot about the WEATHER. The bomb cyclone. The -25 degree temps. I've been hearing/seeing/freaking out over the stories and the pictures I keep seeing on social media. STAY SAFE and COZY my cold weather friends out there! Is the snow fun? Is it horrible? I think I might never leave my house ever ever ever again in -25 weather.



  1. Love the post!! That Alexa for older people....priceless...Oh I need one of those aleca. Those dolls are great! Sounds like you and family had a great Christmas time! May you have a wonderful year in 2018!

  2. A TAMAGOTCHI?!!? That is hilarious! People had them at work, way back when and spent so much time with them (not unlike smart phones today!) that supervisors started smashing them! I hope she enjoys it...it's cracking me up!

    Glad you are feeling better and sorry about the fall. I do love the cosmic idea of it being a sign or something to take it easy. So take it easy! xoxo

    1. Also I promised myself I wouldn't be buying MORE BOOKS and here you go and link to a fantastic list! {shaking my fist}

    2. we've prepared her for the fact that it might 'die' - she seems ok with that! wow wow wow - there are things called Tamagotchi P's that are bigger sized and have COLOR screens, they are so cool - and they are $150 ish! what? no.

      it's gotten to where I can't even go into bookstores anymore. because I WILL come out with a book i didn't need. I try so hard to get things from the library but then I see something that HAS to go into my collection - this is why i need my own bookstore....

  3. I'm so sorry you got hurt, but so grateful for this list today. Wow. So many riches in this one.

    I had no idea that Lucy K and Joanna G. were twins. Wow. And so so so happy for Lucy and John. Amazing.

    And omg those marystroyka dolls are GORGEOUS.



    PS I just sent holiday cards out yesterday. So, there's that.

  4. For the longest time I had no idea Joanna had a twin! I was so sad for her sis when she lost her husband - it makes me so happy to think she's found some happiness after that tragedy. Bonus points for January holiday cards! Keeps the festive mood going!