February 22, 2018

the british boarding school box

Well, you should have known this was happening. If you heard me rumbling around on Instagram, you would have had fair warning....

I have a Kawaii-inspired box that I'm doing for kids later in the spring with items of pure pastel glory, and I also have a Moomin Box that I want to do, but.....I was seized by inspiration the other day, and I just couldn't help myself. I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT A BRITISH BOARDING SCHOOL BOX RIGHT NOW. While it's still pretty cold-ish and wintery (it IS still winter), I just thought now was the right time to park this idea in front of you. I haven't purchased any materials for this as of yet, so if noooooooooo one wants one, oh well too bad so sad, but it won't stop me from trotting this idea out for you to look at! I need 10 orders to make it a go.

For the kiddo boxes, I will be showing & telling a lot more of what's in a box, because I'd want to have a clue what my kiddo was getting in the mail, if I were ordering. So let's talk about it:

THE BOOK I have picked, 'Murder is Bad Manners' (LOL),  is supposed to be FANTASTIC, and came really highly reviewed by a secret source I have in the U.K. that I trust, ha ha. I want to read this book MYSELF. Set in a 1930's boarding school, two girls become tween crime solvers. I read one review that said something along the lines of "I didn't know middle grade cozy mystery was a thing, but that's what this book is and it's awesome."


Really darling line of lip glosses I found that come in flavors like cotton candy and sugar vanilla. They are fun and cute and I heart them.

An awesome mini notebook with neon affirmational sayings on the front. Is affirmational a word?

FULL SIZE British candy bars.

London-inspired magnetic bookmarks.

Not pictured : TEA. Yes, there will be some tea. A cup of tea is not going harm your tween. It's a dessert flavored tea!  And also some Very Cute Pencils and/or Extremely Awesome Stickers. This box will be full of amazingly cute stuff!

If I were anywhere between the ages of 8 and 12, I would LOSE MY MIND if I got this. I'd lose my mind if I got this even now. The book is supposed to be appropriate for grades 4-7. I'm getting one for Julia, and she just turned 12. All of my boxes right now are $31 plus shipping/handling. US and Canada orders only.

Who wants one? (I do!!!!) And even if you don't want one (yes you do), please heap praise upon me for creating this bundle of delightfulness. It's DELIGHTFUL, n'est-ce pas?


  1. What a fun box! Hope you get lots of orders!

    1. Thanks Susan!! I just had to do this box and get it out of my system, ha ha!

  2. Replies
    1. My daughter wandered in and asked if she could have one....OF COURSE was the answer :)

  3. HEAPING ALL THE PRAISE!!! I LOVE this!!! So cool! WHen do you think you'd be doing them? This would be awesome for Audrey, but her birthday is March 10 :O

  4. I want one!!! Let me know if I need to send my info again!

    1. ha ha ha you got it my friend! I have your info! XOXO! I had to get this out of my system. My daughter is wandering in every 5 minutes asking if she gets one too, bless her heart. So yeah, I'll be making one for her as well!