February 4, 2018

the sunday night book

Hello friends! Aren't we just hating on this winter with the passion of 1000 suns? Just me? I don't think it's just me.

'The Sunday Night Supper' book by Rosie Sykes was a Christmas present TO MYSELF from MYSELF. Yes, I'm getting around to discussing what books came our way during the holidays.

I thought the sound of this one seemed so cool - 'The Sunday Night Book' ! How cute is that? Ways to celebrate the weekend! There's a whole chapter devoted to things on toast. THAT'S COOL.

Now.....I think this book was originally meant for a British audience. Some of the ingredients surprised me. They were good surprises, but I was surprised - there are at least three recipes that call for some kind of anchovy preparation on toast. And one recipe that calls for sardines.

And before you decide to leave this post and amble on your way, let me just tell you something. Over the holidays, my brother in law brought over some smoked kippers, and I looked him right in the eye and was like, 'THAT'S GROSS, MAN.' But then I tried them, and THEY WERE SO DELICIOUS I couldn't believe it. Now I want to try all the salty tinned fishes, like mackerel, herring (is that the same as the kippers??) and anchovies.

I think you should try them too. Don't be afraid.

I'll tell you something else - I made the macaroni cauliflower cheese and it was ridiculously delicious. We all, even the child, seriously could not stop eating it. Absolutely fantastic. I've also made the 'comforting bowl of dhal' recipe, and that was also very nice. But the macaroni cauliflower cheese -- oh my word.

Next on my list of things to try from the book is a spiced rice and lentil dish that looks amazing, and I'm going to serve it with some chicken and mango chutney. There's also an upside down pizza recipe that I want to try, as well as the Coddled Egg Ivanhoe, the pork and cashew stir fry, the spinach and goat cheese souffle omelette, the ham and macaroni soup, and the Catalan angel-hair pasta with seafood.

See? The recipes aren't quite what I expected. There's a lot more spice and ingredient pairings that I have never thought of. Because I'm not over burdened with culinary imagination.

A chapter called 'Onesies'!

And at the very end, a mini chapter of interesting and easy to make cocktails and snacks. I want to make the drink that's called 'What the Dickens?!'. And the one called 'Trainwreck', which is how I felt all December and January, ha ha ha.

It's really a darling little book, and while I would have purchased this one no matter what, because of the cover - I was pleasantly surprised by what a unique and cool little cookbook it turned out to be. A great many of the recipes call for pantry items that might already be in one's home.

What do you think, does it look intriguing to you? Have there been any cookbooks that are breathing wind into your winter sails this season? If yes, please recall that sharing is caring.


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    1. There ya go. tell me later what you end up making!

  2. Interesting. I may need to check this out. I got blogger cookbooks for Christmas. Don't remember all the correct titles, but I got the ones associated with Cookie and Kate, Half-Baked Harvest, and the new A Beautiful Mess. I have yet to make anything out of them.

    I love winter, but at the momemt, I hate my house. I would be cozier if someone would come in and fix everything for me.


    1. girl, I would totally come over and be your cleaner, organizer, slash butler. I'm not good at fixing things tho. BIG SIGH at the distance between us! if it makes you feel better, I haven't cleaned the counters in my bathroom since early October. I AM VILE.

    2. actually maybe i shouldn't be anyone's butler because i can't manage my own self ha ha ha! oh also if it makes you feel better, i'm working now on a 10 year list of things that need fixing/replacing....maybe some of them will happen before I go the next realm of existence?


    1. the cover alone sold me, i must confess! but i'm enjoying the recipes too!

  4. by the way, when are you starting shipments? I'd love tea and a cookbook (both picked by you!)

    1. you got it babe - you are going to love your box!