March 5, 2018

british boarding school part 2

I just sent out a batch of the British Boarding School Boxes I talked about recently, and thought I'd show and tell a bit more. OH THIS WAS FUN to put together! And for those who didn't get in on that action, rest assured, I'll be doing this book surprise box theme again because like I said on Instagram - 1) I have An Obsession with this theme and 2) there are so many other fun boarding school books out there! Next time around, I'll also do a Boarding School Box specifically for adults as well.

Please take a moment to admire my City of London gift wrapping. I happened upon that and almost fell over with delight.

I thought I was well versed in every kind of British candy bar currently in existence, but I found a few that I hadn't seen before! Starbar! And Double Decker! That candy bar is HUGE. British candy and Japanese candy is so far superior to American candy. It just is. We have Snickers bars, and yes that is indeed a perfect candy bar, but everything else is so boring in my opinion.

So in the box I had the book, tea, lip gloss, the candy bar, a little notebook, a British pencil, a London magnetic bookmark, and HEDGEHOG socks and I thought that the box was just about perfect. That baby was PACKED. And then my daughter sashayed over and announced that I had to include SLIDES in the box. I've done my job and successfully brainwashed my kiddo into thinking British Boarding School books are awesome as well, and she said that in all the books she's read, the girls all wear their "slides" to class - that apparently is Brit-speak for hair clips. Soooooooo, I went and found some darling slides that I thought looked the part. Aren't they adorable?

So there you have it. British Boarding School Box. I was chatting with a book loving friend over on Instagram (I love IG so much, people talk and CHAT over there!) and we both agreed that if this box had shown up on our doorstep at age 10-12, we would have lost our MINDS with joy.


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    1. thank you!!!! I just kept thinking how I'd be if a parcel like that showed up on my doorstep at age 11!!