April 11, 2018

cutie kawaii box!

Hello friends! Now that the British Spring boxes have arrived, or are arriving, in their new homes, I can talk about the box for April. Oh and next week on Instagram, I'll have some reveal photos of what all was inside the British Spring boxes, along with the book. The April box is another one for the kiddos - and I have not one, not two, but THREE books in mind for these boxes that will be filled with a ton of Kawaii cuteness! Not three books in a box, but I have three different books that are appropriate for different age ranges.

If you're not familiar with the term 'kawaii', it means 'cute' in Japanese culture. If it's kawaii, then I love it! Pastel colors are usually involved. These boxes will have fun candies (a varying assortment including KITTEN candy bars! Tsum Tsum chocolate! Rice candy! Jelly candies! Cute gum!), stickers, stationery items, squishies, pencils, pens, hair accessories, darling erasers, lip glosses, nail polish, washi tape, and just so many FUN THINGS. Each box will be a little bit different, no two will be exactly alike. I've been planning this box since January, but I had to wait awhile for the items to get to me from Japan.

Wondering why I'm showing and telling so much about this box? If you haven't seen me talk about this before - when it comes to the boxes for children, I reveal much more about what's inside beforehand, so you have a good idea what might be coming to your kiddo in the mail.

And the books, let's talk about those! I've got a super cute book in mind for three different age ranges - one for the preschool/kindergarten crowd, another for the elementary school group, and another for tweens and young teens. Each book is a Japanese anime/manga type book, written in English, but you read the pages from right to left.

THE DETAILS: This box will be $31 plus shipping/handling - I have 5 left! Some were pre-sold to seasonal subscribers, and some sold on Instagram and Facebook yesterday. If you want one, let me know in the comments, and either leave your email, or write me at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com with your email so that I can send you an invoice! These will be ready for shipping in about a week's time. ALSO, very important - let me know the AGE OF YOUR CHILD, so I know which book to order!

What do you think? I tell you, when I happened across these adorable candy bars with kittens on them, I nearly passed out.


  1. I just opened my British Spring Box, I was saving it because I knew I would have a rough day today. I LOVE it!! I really hope you continue with these boxes, they are such a happy thing.

    1. Oh Maureen. That brought tears to my eyes, I kid you not. I'm so sorry that you had a Not Great day, but happy that your box raised your spirits a bit! I will definitely keep on with them. I absolutely LOVE putting the themes together :) - I'm already excited for a box I want to do next winter ha ha!