April 30, 2018

More Mystery Boxes!

Hulloooooooo friends! I didn't mean to take such a long break! Spring Break for the child happened, and then extra life happened. Life normally happens, but have you noticed that sometimes EXTRA life happens? But I do get on Instagram far more regularly than I do over here, so if you're able, keep a check in on over there, because I update that space before this one these days. And in May I'll be announcing a box theme that I have a feeling everyone is going to like - I could be wrong! But I'm hoping you all will love it as much as I do.

So I got some new tea cup cards - I have to be honest - I really want to KEEP THEM ALL. It occurred to me that something I want to do is have some box themes that will be available to order all year long, in addition to the monthly box themes.

One such box will be my Cozy (or Cosy, take your pick) Teatime Box (for grownups) - with a sampling of teas, treats, tea themed little gifts, and of course a book that lends itself to a cozy time - we're talking comfort read here. I see these boxes as a prettier and more tea related spin on the Hygge Boxes I did this past winter.

(a local delivery, so it gets a fancy bow!)

Another box I want to keep available all year round is a box I've sold a few of but have yet to officially announce - a Moomin box! Super super cute you guys. It can be sold with or without a Moomin book; a coloring book will be substituted for the reading book, if your kiddo has already read all of the books.

I have a source in FINLAND and I got some really darling Moomin cards and other fun pieces of cuteness.

Currently I'm working on some custom Mother's Day boxes - I can't accept any new orders for that because my books are almost 99% coming to me from England and they take 10 days to get to me, but I'm really hoping you all find the May box super delightful!

As always, most of the boxes are priced in the $42 range plus shipping/handling.

What's coming up? For those who love sneak peeks? My May box, which is for kids and adults who never outgrew their love for a certain literary girl. Then in June I'll announce the Summer box. Also in the summer - an Explorer / Far Away Tale Box for Kids, and another grownup box that I'm still deciding the theme for - and blah blah I'll keep the rest under wraps for now. I'm already planning themes into next winter season......I get very excited about whatever the NEXT box that I'm doing is all about, and next year's winter box is one I'm going to give to myself by gum. If I got it in the mail, I'd be SO happy. I'm telling you - the reason I started these boxes is because I looked around at what was out there and thought - I'm going make boxes that would personally make me jump for joy.

Have a theme you'd love to see me do? LET ME KNOW. The Hygge boxes, which were super popular, only happened because a Very Clever Friend (Hi Amelie!!) suggested it to me, so please don't feel shy in that regard. I might not do a box for every suggestion I get, but if there is something you'd like to see, seriously let me know, and I'll do my best to make it happen!


  1. The Hygge box made me so happy! And I think I'm going to have to order a Moomin box for my daughter- what fun!! And I can't wait for my stepmother to get her fun surprise mother's day box! I just love what you're doing, Melissa!

    1. thank you thank you sweet friend! I'm so so glad. The treats for the Moomin box are so fun :) I'm getting your step mom's box all finalized, I think she'll be so pleased with it!