May 11, 2018

Anne of Green Gables Box

When I was eleven years old, my aunty gave me a gift that would change my life - a set of all of the books in the 'Anne of Green Gables' series. Think I'm being dramatic? I promise you, I'm completely serious. The books became a part of my life in a way that I can't fully articulate. I read them, and re-read them, and LIVED them, in a way that has basically never happened with any other book series. I'm not joking when I say that receiving that box set was pretty much one of the best presents I ever received in my life.

To think, that in some small way, I might play a part in giving some other person the magical experience of becoming introduced to Anne....well it leaves me a little breathless.

As you can see, the May book box is an Anne of Green Gables theme! I wanted actually to just do a Lucy Maud Montgomery box and include some of her more obscure books, but when I went looking for merchandise materials to go with a book, everything was Anne Anne Anne. Which is fine. As I'd found a new set of Anne books with the prettiest cover art, I figured - let's just go with Anne! There are gorgeous Anne covers out there now, but the ones I recently happened upon are among the most beautiful, I think.

So here are the details! Price for this one is $31 plus shipping / handling. U.S and Canada orders only. You can comment here, or on Instagram, or write me at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com, give me your email address and then I invoice you via PayPal.

Then you tell me WHICH ANNE BOOK YOU WOULD LIKE. If this is for someone who has never read the series, you'd get the first book. If you have a favorite and are just a devout Anne fan and want this for yourself, tell me which book you want! The cover art I'm enamored with goes all the way to 'Anne's House of Dreams' and 'Anne of Ingleside', as well as 'Rainbow Valley' and 'Rilla of Ingleside'.

And here's what you get: a beautiful 'Anne' book, stickers, notepad, postcard, pencil, fabric, bookmark -- ALL ANNE THEMED, and a lot of the items come from Korea and Taiwan and Japan - did you know that Anne is very popular in Asia?? I had no idea!

You also get: really perfect and darling herbal teas, good for kids and adults, when you see it, you'll see why I chose the ones I did - beautiful washi decorative tape - and a treat that perfectly matches the box theme. And the packaging! Oh it will be so pretty!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to get the box together ~ I have the supplies to do a few, but I will need to order more materials if there is a big response to these. ARE YOU DELIGHTED??? This would be a PERFECT birthday present. All the materials will keep if you want to order one and save it for Christmas! It would also be a perfect Mother's Day present to YOURSELF ha ha!

Let me tell you right now - if you love Anne, or if you want to introduce a child to Anne - you must have this box.


  1. Anne is my absolute favorite! Seriously. I spent my whole childhood reading AOGG over and over and watching our recorded-from-PBS-Wonderworks video tape of AOGG with Megan Follows and my first honest-to-God crush, Jonathan Crombie. (Oh swoon, Gilbert Blythe! And the Lake of Shining Waters! And the Lady of Shalotte! And raspberry cordial! I think you really are my bosom friend, Melissa.) I bought a beautiful copy of the book to give my daughter for her 8th birthday next week, and I'm just so excited for her to fall in love too (Oh God, but what if she doesn't?!...). This is a very special box you've put together! We might need one in this household...

    1. SAME SAME SAME. Oh Jonathan Crombie! I was IN LOVE. We are kindred spirits 100%. There are SO MANY gorgeous Anne covers out there now, it's hard to choose! Actually what occurs to me that would be fun, is to collect a different cover from the various different editions, and not have everything from the same set! I've seen so many that I want. I'm just gonna start collecting them all!

  2. Please sign me up!! I have a really old copy of the first book, I would love a new copy if it has awesome cover art. I basically love everything you do, so if you like it-I know I will be happy! Let me know if I need to send you my info again.

    1. MAUREEN! Thank you so much for the vote of confidence! Makes my day x100. I do have your info!! XOXOXO