May 21, 2018

Cool Stuff I Like

HULLO lovelies! I hope hope hope that many of you got your eyes on this post about the Anne of Green Gables boxes that I'm doing; it's definitely not too late to get in on that action! Up above is a display of some really amazing cards that are being included in the box.

Ok, the ROYAL WEDDING!!!! I didn't get up to watch it, sadly. But there was so much online to watch and see, so it's ok. I remember getting up at 3am Hawaii time as a little girl watching Diana get married. Oh how I loved her. I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of this wedding and I love love loved what I've seen of it. This piece is a nice recap, if you missed it. And there's a TON of discussion of the minutiae going on over at Lainey Gossip. Did you watch? Did you read? Did you love?

Other cool things to check out:

Loved this house tour.

Keanu is a national treasure. So's Winona Ryder, for that matter. CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE.

Oh - speaking of TV, Julia and I watched this documentary and it was fascinating!  - we both really liked it.

Annnnnnd - I just heard recently about this show - it's supposed to be just wonderful.

My current bedtime read.

The world's best pasta sauce.


Dumpling meatballs.

The modern traditional look.

10 cozy things to make for May.

Cool Book of the Week: Some of the absolute best things to come out my blogging experience are the many friendships I've made over the years with lovely people who enjoy a lot of the same things that I do - one such friend is Leanne, and she asked if I knew about 'Marilla of Green Gables : A Novel' by Sarah McCoy, coming out Fall 2018. I flipped my lid, because NO, I did not know about it. Marilla's back story? SIGN ME UP. I'll read the book. Where's the movie? You might want to get your pre-ordering finger out now, because I have a feeling that much like 'Pioneer Girl' did, this book is going to sell like hot cakes and might be hard to get when it comes out.

Have a great start to your week! Would love to know what you all are reading and watching these days. I FINALLY started watching 'The Americans', which I meant to start in with years ago.



  1. such a wonderful selection! I started watching The Americans a few years ago. At first I was put off by the sex and violence but I did like the story line.
    I "marathoned" 3 seasons

    1. we're only 3 episodes in! i'm just so happy to see Keri Russell again - I was an avid 'Felicity' fan.....