May 17, 2018

days in may

Hello friends! I meant to have these pictures from Tasha Tudor's sublime picture book, 'A Time to Keep' up at the beginning of May, not halfway through. How ARE you all doing? Are you having a good May? Did you mamas out there survive Mother's Day? Is the weather getting awesome where you are? The weather finally got awesome here in the Pacific Northwest.

Things have been rolling along here - as usual I must give the remind that I am much more active on Instagram these days - I try to post something there every other day.

I've been feeling so stuck in the throes of spring cleaning, that the end result is that NOTHING HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED. I half heartedly clean a little area, and then the next area is a disaster. The I just feel like giving up. I clean something and it looks nice for a day. Then it gets crazy again, and I wonder, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did I ever clean it in the first place????

We have so many home projects to do, of the Not Fun variety. Like cleaning out our crawlspace. I would rather spend money on ANYthing else! Anything! And the leaks under our sink, and in two bathrooms. Many leaks. 

Part of my fatigue and malaise stems from my child performing in a play, and the constant driving back and forth multiple times a night is making me see double. That coupled with my yearly spring insomnia has me often sitting at my desk, literally staring at the wall in a stupor.

SLEEPING WELL IS IMPORTANT. You heard it here first!

If you don't already own this book, by the way, just go on with your bad self and get it. You need to have it. Tasha draws and writes of a world with 'elevenish parties with iced tea and cookies' - I WANT TO START HAVING ELEVENISH PARTIES! It's elevensies, Tasha-style!

Come back on Monday. I've been working on a new Cool Stuff post! :)


  1. I totally understand about cleaning, sorting and repairs. I have been doing it since Jan.!! It is overwhelming. Ugh.. I have quite a few Tasha Tudor books but I don't have this one. Thanks

    1. Dear Susan, I'm so sorry I didn't see this - Blogger is having a huge problem right now and is not sending notifications when someone comments! Cleaning and sorting - it just seems to go on and on, doesn't it????

  2. Ugh.... spring cleaning. So. Many. THINGS. And I adore your Tasha Tudor May picture. We were have afternoon tea (fika) with a friend's mother in law in Sweden and when she heard we were from New York, she went and got her Tasha Tudor garden book (in Swedish) and asked if we had been there. Instant best friends--kindred spirits!! I can't imagine not getting along well with someone who loves Tasha Tudor.

    1. Bethaney, I'm just SO MAD at Blogger right now - comments are not coming through to my email, where I get notifications! It's happening to a lot of people, been going on for weeks and still not fixed. BIG BOO. If they can't figure it out, I think people are going to abandon ship with Blogger!

      Anyway, thank you, I'm so glad you like the picture! You had fun Fika tea!!!!! So jealous! A Swedish Tasha gardening book? Oh how awesome!!! Totally a kindred spirit situation!!!!!!!!!!