June 21, 2018

not so cool stuff

Happy Summer Solstice, my friends. We love our solstice and equinox celebrations around here! Up above are some bookmarks given to my kiddo, which I have purloined, given to us from my mom in law - she got 'em when she was in NYC recently. Cool Japanese cats! Rad.

OK, now for the not so rad. I am so outraged about what is happening in our country. I have been for some time. THIS sums up my feelings pretty well.

Here's an article on how you can help fight family separation at the border.

Here is a fantastic list of links and websites to check out.

And here's an article from Gabrielle Blair - this is an EXCELLENT summary of the situation. As an attorney (non-practicing, but I'm still a member of the Washington State Bar), I'm horrified. As a mom, I'm horrified. AS A HUMAN BEING, I'm horrified.

Also, let me make this request - this is my very small place on the internet. My happy place of books. I try to bring some book joy to others through my boxes and book suggestions.  If you are indeed living in an Everything In Our Country is Awesome realm in your own imagination, you need to please refrain from spreading that delusional state on my blog or my Facebook page.

I'm not finding it possible to engage in polite civil discourse on this topic. Because you can't argue with crazy. And what's happening is wrong in EVERY WAY possible for a thing to be wrong. If someone really wants to 'debate' these issues, have a peek at what this immigration attorney wrote HERE - and then have yourself a good time.

I wish most heartily that if there are folks who endorse and support the policies of anyone who think what is happening to these children is acceptable (about 1/3 of our country, but that's 1/3 too many)....well what I wish is that such people would just give my blog and social media outlets a wide berth.

Books will not be our common ground. There is no common ground to be had with evil or those that support it.

I will not further debate with these types of individuals about whether or not what is happening to these children is ok. (*SPOILER ALERT, IT IS NOT OK.) And from here on out, if anyone feels a strong need to spread their dystopian agenda, they will have to find another outlet in which to express those opinions - because I will not tolerate it here. I have to protect my blood pressure.

This statement on Twitter is the most succinct reflection of my inner thoughts. If it offends anyone out there.....I really don't mind that at all.

If you have the ability to donate, here is an organization worth your time.

AND.......breathe. I've been trying all week to calm myself down. Haven't been successful. 

If you need a moment of zen, check out these links.

John Derian's house ~ I would so love to see his shop someday. His wares have an aesthetic that jives with what I try to do with my boxes - random, cool little treasures that look like someone found them in the back of an attic. Remember that phrase - because I just described a theme I'm going to make into standalone boxes and a subscription - Back of the Attic boxes....

Making this chocolate banana bundt cake as soon as I can.

Amazing snippets of Shakespeare appropriate for our times.

Some DIY summer projects to try. (I probably won't try any of them ha, but you might)

A kitchen inspired by Japanese tea houses.

One of my FAVORITE cookbook authors, Diana Henry, has a new book out.

I'll be making this stone fruit tart when a dear friend who is gluten-free comes to visit, later this summer.

A round-up of 25 favorite children's books from Wit & Delight.

And that's it. There's no cool book of the week this week. If you want to check out my summer surprise box for grownups, it'll be over on my Instagram later today.


  1. HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY? Thank you for your sensitivity and your honesty. Part of me has died these last weeks.


    1. it's depressing beyond belief. i don't know what else to do besides donate and call reps. I read certain comments online and i just have a wave of nausea. I think it's time to find ways to dust off the law degree.

  2. I know....I KNOW! I feel the same way too. Not much to discuss when we are harming children for the sake of 'making a point.' That is never ok or worth it. This is why we need more women in charge!

    1. Oh my goodness, dear Heather, ain't that the truth! Absolutely.