June 3, 2018

summer surprise box for teens

*UPDATE: I've been chatting with a few of you lovely peeps, and it seems that some of you love the spa items, but are telling me that your kids aren't into the romance stuff. Well I HAVE GOT YOU COVERED. I've actually just ordered the coolest looking book for Julia - it's an art history mystery adventure! Bottom line - I'm not insisting on these books - we can totally thrown something else in there! Message me if that's the case for you.*

Hello hello hello! It's JUNE! I got to thinking the other day......and came up with this summery confection of a box. No, this is NOT my seasonal summer box for grownups - THAT box will be my July box. (a few of my seasonal subscribers wanted their summer box in June - I got you guys covered!)

This box here is just a little bee I had in my bonnet. If anyone is interested. I'll also be doing a summer adventure box for kids that I'll talk about later in the month, as well as a new type of all year round box I'll be offering. If you're keeping track, that roster currently includes Cozy Teatime, British Box, Anne of Green Gables, and Moomintrolls.

Ok so this teen box! I just got inspired. When I was between the ages of 11 and 13, I read every Harlequin Teen Romance book I could get my hands on. When I got to college, my roommate had literally CRATES of romance books that she would pass up and down the hall. I read all of those too. Those were some hilarious bodice rippers, I tell ya. And then......I just stopped with romance novels. But I do love a cute love story, always!  So I put together an idea for a box for the 7th thru 9th grade set - any kids older than that will probably look at this stuff and chortle, because kids these days are SO JADED and OVER IT, AMIRIGHT LOL. My daughter would die if she could see how I was writing this.

The books I'm showing (choose one! I couldn't choose!) are categorized as CLEAN, according to Amazon - as in nothing goes beyond hand holding/kissing and no inappropriate language. Both are summer romance stories specifically. In the first book up at the top of the post, the meet-cute happens in a BOOKSTORE. The other story takes place in Italy. Both are the type of book that would have made my teen heart swell with joy. I speed read 'Fifteenth Summer', and it's ridiculously delightful - the boy actually used the word "peckish" when he got hungry, and the girl wears vintage clothing and reads 'Little Women' once a year, every year. I WANT TO ADOPT THEM.

I always show & tell more about the kiddo boxes - here's the gist, one of each item:

SHEET MASKS packaged in the shape of flavored milk cartons.

LACE VINTAGE STYLE head wraps/head bands

BLUEBERRY Japanese gum


FRUITY lip gloss



Got a young teen girl with a summer birthday? Got a young teen girl who needs a care package at camp? GOT A YOUNG TEEN GIRL? This box might be for you.

"But Melissa! MY teen is into vintage. And mysteries. Please give me a slightly different summer escapist read for my teen." Alrighty! 'The Moon Spinners'. Only with a more cool retro cover that fits into the color scheme I have going on up above ha ha ha.

($31 for this box, plus shipping & handling. US and Canada orders only.) If you want one, message me here with your email, or at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com with your email, or PM me on Instagram, with your email - the key phrase is that I need an email address, ha, so I can invoice you! And let me know which book to put in! XOXO


  1. Yes, please. Will need to send you the address for my niece Mia.

    1. Lovely A, I'll email you! And you can tell me which of these books you think she'd like best! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. AHHH-The Moon Spinners!! One of my very favorite books, I've read it multiple times. Great choice!

    1. And have you seen the movie with Hayley Mills? DELIGHTFUL!