June 18, 2018

Teen Summer Box Reveal

Happy Monday my lovelies! I wanted to pop in today to let you know that I have five boxes up for grabs for my teen summer boxes. As always, I show & tell more of the content for boxes for the kids - because I'd want to know about what my child was getting in the mail, so I'm always more upfront about those boxes. I don't have a picture of every last thing, but you can refer back to this post to see the other items. It's all very summery and fresh - these milk carton shaped sheet masks are DARLING and come in different 'flavors'.

SO cute right?

There's also going to really darling sea glass note cards, fruity lip gloss, and the prettiest vintage-style lace headbands. Head on over to my Instagram profile to catch a video peek of the headbands! They are LOVELY.

And as you can see, these bath bombs are also part of the party - they smell amazing and are wrapped like pastel pieces of tropical fruit. I made this box to suit MY inner teen - your actual teen might not be into these things but I know my almost-teen would be, so shhhhhhh she's getting one of these too!

I had a few books in mind, but ultimately went with 'Love & Gelato' by Jenna Evans Welch - it comes highly highly reviewed in the 'clean' section of Amazon's YA fiction romance department. I've read most of it, and it's very charming and sweet. I have some other books that I'm also really excited about for teens, but I'll save that for another box. I'll drop this hint for you - a Time Traveling Teen Box will be happening at some point.

This box is just right for older tweens and young teens!

I hope you like the look of this cutie - It's light, pretty, summery and fun. And to remind, there are FIVE left, and these are $31 plus shipping/handling, U.S. and Canada orders only.

Also! Later in the week on Instagram, I'll be announcing my summer box for adults and taking pre-orders. :) Have a wonderful start to your week, and let me wish you HAPPY SUMMER a few days before the solstice! xoxoxo


  1. Hi - I just discovered your site, are there any of these left?

    1. Hi Colleen - I am having a huge issue with Blogger not publishing comments - I'm so sorry to say that I'm just now at end of July seeing your request! If you email me at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com, I can chat with you about putting something together for you!