July 20, 2018

cool stuff i like

Summer book boxes are flying out as we speak! If yours hasn't arrived yet, it's coming! They've been going out all week, and they'll be going out all next week. I exhausted the stock of the book that I'm using from Amazon, so I had to move on to my source in the UK, and I have books flying in from there as well. But we're in good shape now, and little boxes of summer happy will be making their way to their homes. Yay!

Less yay - started watching the new season of 'Anne with an 'E', and oh my what in the world is happening - I'm liking the show just fine - if it were a show about random people....because it just does not follow anything happening in the Anne of Green Gables books in any way shape or form. WHY IS GILBERT ON A BOAT. Don't we all want to see more Anne and Gilbert interaction??? I feel like maybe they met, like, only once or twice in Season 1?? Oh well. I'm just pretending it's a show about people who are not in the Anne books.

Cool stuff to check out:


Also fascinating.

And this.

CHOCOLATE SNACK CAKE. Oh how I love my snack cakes.

Such pretty lemonade!

These would be so perfect for a Harry Potter party.

Blackberry Crumb Squares.

This just jumped to the top of my Must See movie list. And also this.

Where to eat in Seattle. I guess I should take a look.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Duels & Deception' by Cindy Anstey. All I have to say about this is......YA fiction Jane Austen-style?? YES PLEASE. I'm allllllllll over this. You're welcome! Doesn't this look so fun? Have I already linked to this before?? I'm having a moment of confusion.

Have a lovely weekend! ~ It's supposed to get crazy hot next week, but all in all, so far summer has not been a roaster here, and I'm super grateful about that. #heatwimp



  1. I was so excited to watch the anne series...
    it looked so promising.
    But then...I couldn't do it.
    They had the picnic AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE ICE CREAM.
    That was the whole point of the picnic.
    Hahaha. I really, really struggled with it.

    But maybe, if I went back and tried to watch it
    without thinking of it as Anne like you suggested,
    maybe then I would be able to watch it.

    I'll give it a try! :)

    1. eh, i got two episodes into season 2 and really just did not care about anything that was going on! DISAPPOINTING.

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