July 8, 2018

My Summer Reading List 2018

Hello friends! Oh my we have so much to talk about. First of all, can we marvel that I'm producing an actual blog post? Slow clap. I hang out so much more on Instagram, but can I just tell you something? Typing on my phone trying to get something loaded on IG is really hard and fiddly and it stresses me out. Here on the blog, I can type, I can SEE what I'm doing, and if I make a mistake, well I can mosey on in and CORRECT it without disrupting the IG hashtag algorithm. Yes that's a thing, and it's beyond ridiculous.

Second of all, HELLO to all the new friends who came to visit me over the weekend! Or maybe they came to visit, took a look, and decided yeah, bye see you never! Ha ha ha. Anyhoo, many lovely folks came over to see what I do here (oh dear, more ha ha) after Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy gave my book surprise boxes a little mention over on her site. So that was a big excitement for me, because I worship at the shrine of Alicia and the fact that she's even aware I exist makes my heart flutter with joy. I wear my fangirl cape loud and proud.

So, sometimes I do a Summer Reading list for grownups and sometimes I don't - I did one last year, and hey I'm doing one this year! I feel proud of myself!  I've linked to previous lists so many times in the past, but now I'm even lazier than my already high level of lazy, so I'm not linking to all the old posts, but as they were co-written by my hilarious husband, let me tell you they are well worth seeking out - Type in 'Summer Reading List' in the search bar and get ready to waste some time.

Ok let's get to it: Here's what I picked and why. 'The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore' by Kim Fu just came out this past February - and I'm a sucker for camp stories. I went off to camp for a MONTH when I was a kid. Are there still camps like that around?? A month! Did my parents go off on an ocean voyage to Europe?? I've no idea. I swear, my camp was a lot like camp from 'The Parent Trap'. I didn't discover an identical twin at my camp, but I did discover that my cabin counselor was a very distant cousin. True story! This book apparently deals with a 'camp-gone-wrong' scenario and how the fall-out impacts the girls even into their adult years. Cool!

Switching gears to Deborah Needleman's 'The Perfectly Imperfect Home'. Deb used to be the editor-in-chief of Domino magazine, back in its heyday. Sorry, but the new Domino is just NOT THE SAME as it was in its glory days. And much of that glory was because of Deborah's leadership at the helm. I've been longing to see this book for awhile - and get this - all of the pictures in the book, all the ideas for rooms etc - are hand drawn instead of photographed. Also cool!

'Dream On' by Kerstin Grier is the second book in her YA 'Silver' series. I read the first book, 'Dream a Little Dream' a few weeks ago and it was fun - fun enough for me to want to read this second one. I didn't think it was as great as Grier's 'Ruby Red' series, which I ADORE ADORE, and let me tell you that if/when I make a TIME TRAVELING TEEN BOOK BOX, (that's an awesome idea BTW) -- 'Ruby Red' is heading my list of possible books to use. Grier has a really fun and witty writing style, and her plots move right along. So yeah, I'm totally going to go forward with this series about a girl and her friends who can walk around in each other's dreams. Is it astral projection? I'm really not sure what they're doing. But they can basically have group chats in each other's dreams. Or something. Cool!

I've been meaning to read the 'Her Royal Spyness' books by Rhys Bowen for YEARS. I just need to get on it already! Period British mystery stories involving a flighty socialite who also has a knack for solving crime, OF COURSE. These books are supposed to be light, breezy and fun - the heroine is 34th in line for the British throne and has the name Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie. I wish I had 4 names. Did I ever share that if I had had another girl, I was going to name her Wilhelmina? And call her Mina? Julia is outraged that she didn't get that name.

I read 'Caraval' by Stephanie Garber last year and I wanted SO BADLY for it to be the successor to the throne currently occupied by 'The Night Circus' by Erin Morgenstern. (Sadly it was not, but it IS good fun.) NOTHING EVER WILL BE AS GREAT. Oh Erin. You break my heart. WHERE IS HER NEXT BOOK? Oh we're talking about another series, my bad. So 'Legendary' picks up where 'Caraval' ended and I assume that we learn more about how the mysterious & magical carnival came to be? And more about the anti-hero ringmaster/mastermind's back story?

And lastly, I'm switching gears wildly and leaving you with 'The Story Girl' by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It has occurred to me that if I'm going to read ALL of LM Montgomery's books like I intend to, I need to get going with that and stop reading 'The Blue Castle' for the ninety-millionth time in a row. This one about a girl who likes to spin tall tales and yarns for her friends seems so lovely and sweet.

What do you think? Fun? A good mix I think. If you're reading something extraordinary this summer, please remember that sharing is caring!


  1. Katy Taylor7/10/18, 9:17 AM

    OK - did I ever make J one of the dolls from Stitched in Time? I know Ry has one somewhere...and all the girls have little Black Apple Dolls (Emily Martin, Snow & Rose author). I feel like I know these lovely women from all the years I read their blogs when the kids were small. And now you're FAMOUS!

    1. No!! I never knew about that book. Omg those are gorgeous. I've been meaning to buy myself the Black Apple book for ages. Ha ha ha, I predict this wave of visitors will go on for about a week and then back to business as usual lol lol, which is fine, more lol.

  2. Just wanted to say hi--I am a visitor from Alicia's blog, and I'm really enjoying poking around in your archives. What really convinced me to comment instead of just lurk was the coincidence of my buying a copy of The Blue Castle at my library book store this week. I love L.M. Montgomery's books (especially Anne) but I've never read The Blue Castle. With your recommendation, I'm really looking forward to it!

    1. HI Kathy!!! I'm so happy you said hello!! And even happier that you're going to have the fun experience of reading The Blue Castle for the first time! Oh how happy that makes me. I really hope you love it, come back and tell me what you thought about it pleeeeeeeeze :)