August 26, 2018

Autumn Book Surprise Box!

*UPDATE: SOLD OUT! I'm overwhelmed by the interest in these book boxes! In less than 24 hours, I've hit capacity. The best way to be first in line for a box is to get a 3 month, or 6 month subscription with me - (and there is a slight discount for subscription orders.)* 

Oh!! A further P.S. - if you like this idea/theme as much as I do (I love it so much I almost rebranded as Back of the Attic boxes), trust me that I WILL revisit this theme! In 2019, I will be using this theme as a catch-all, cozy box, and it will be available all year round.

 I was going to wait until September officially rolled in, but people began emailing about the Autumn box, and I knew already that the book I want to use has to come from England because I love the cover so much, and that takes awhile - SO LET'S JUST GO AHEAD WITH THIS PARTY! *This box is one of my adult fiction boxes, but it would also be just fine for older teens.*

Before you get tired of reading, let's get the details out of the way, please read carefully:

I will only be making a limited amount of the autumn boxes. And I will only be taking orders until Sept 7 (or until I hit my cut-off number), because I need a long runway in which to allow the books to get to me from the U.K.

Price will be $31 plus shipping - this can be anywhere from $8-13 depending on where your location is in the U.S. - I will only be processing U.S. orders. No Canada, no international. Alaska and Hawaii are ok!

(Sorry Canada - I'm so sorry! Canada requires extra work and forms on my end, and there have been hidden tax tariff fees cropping up occasionally for my customers on the receiving end.)

HOW TO ORDER: email me at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com. and request a box! If you want one, email me quickly, first come first served. Let me rephrase that - first to complete and pay their invoices are first on the list! *INVOICES THAT ARE UNPAID AFTER 48 BUSINESS DAY HOURS WILL BE CANCELLED.*

**PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR LOCATION, so I can estimate shipping - Then I will invoice you via PayPal.**

I am taking PRE-ORDERS. This box will ship out in October via USPS Priority Mail. Books from England take several weeks to get to me. Please do not email me in September saying "HEY MELISSA WHERE'S MY BOX?!" (no one has ever done that but I have a very active imagination lol)

For box info in general, please read this.  Unless you make specific prior arrangements with me, if you give me multiple (or incorrect) addresses, the one on the PayPal invoice is the one I will use. Note - I keep tracking number record information to provide you with if a box goes astray.

OK NOW LET'S TALK ABOUT THE FUN STUFF! Sorry for all the ramble, but had to get all the fiddly bits out of the way.

Since this a fall time box - there is a trick and a treat! The trick is that I'm actually ping ponging between TWO books.  Both books are wonderful - that's the treat. NO, there are NOT two books going into the box, only one - but you won't know until I do the box reveal which book you got! Slight hint - the same author wrote both books. I adore both of them!

'Back of the Attic'??? What kind of theme is that???? I've long had the idea in my imagination of an attic full of hidden vintage treasures - not a nasty, cobwebby attic, but a wonderful and mysterious attic filled with lovely things. Like Sara Crewe's transformed attic in 'A Little Princess'.

This box will have a vintagey, fairytale-ish vibe. Note: There will be CHOCOLATE in this box - if you're not a chocolate fan, this might not be the box for you!

There will be treats, a cozy drink, vintage inspired paper & stationery products, and a couple of lovely items to wear/use during the fall time.

Mysterious, enchanting, vintage - this is the task I set myself with this box, and when I think, wow I wish I could get this in the mail for myself, I know I've created what I set out to create.

I hope those of you who order it enjoy my box of fall time cozy! Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I've been pondering and planning on what to put in this box since last spring. I'm super delighted with how it's coming together!


  1. Hi Julia, I am sorry, I don 't know how to DM. Can you please just email me @ Thank you!

    1. Hey Angela! Can you email me with your mailing location for shipping estimation? Thanks! juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com