August 16, 2018

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Hello!!! Happy Friday! Has it really been almost a month? That's bananas! Getting out the summer book boxes took a lot of my time, and I'll be doing the book reveal in another blog post - I already talked about it on Instagram. Is everyone ready for fall? I really thought that this year, I'd be holding onto every last bit of summer....but......well I'm always ready for fall. Oh! More box news. Next week I'll do a post on a fun box I'm doing for kids/tweens for the end of summer. It's just a little bee I had in my bonnet, and I only have 5 of these boxes available. Also! I will be doing a fall box, and if you didn't get a summer box, now would be the time to pre-order - I'll be announcing the theme in early September. I won't be doing as many as I did for the summer boxes - I'll be capping orders to 25-30 max. I'm totally enchanted with the book that I've chosen!

It's been hot and smoky and hazy and I've been waking up at 5am everyday and not really able to go back to sleep. NOT COOL.  So my list this week is going to be a bit short, just like my sleep cycle!

How to let go.


Curried couscous with cauliflower.

This all sounds wonderful!

I just ordered this book. As a lifelong anxiety sufferer, I was intrigued. Now that's a cover!

Oh Nigel Slater, this is why I love you so much.

My dear friend Heather Sleightholm has created the most beautiful calendar of her amazing art.

Cool Book of the Week: I really want to get my hands on 'Clockwork' by Philip Pullman (of 'The Golden Compass' fame) - it's a short story and he considers it one of his finest creations - and this is the kicker for me - it's a fairy tale. Reviews call it an "underrated masterpiece" and reminiscent of a Brothers Grimm story. I really have no idea what the book is actually about, but I have great faith in Pullman's literary abilities, and I'm going to get this one and gift it to the family at holiday time. (my husband loves Philip Pullman, I love fairy tales, and my daughter is happy to unwrap pretty much anything ha ha ha).

Have a lovely weekend! I'm going to be watching (finally!) 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society' film, which I've been waiting and longing to see. After a whirlwind of friends passing through town, home projects, plumbing appointments (and an entire house filled with leaky bathrooms), back to school endeavors, end of summer craziness.....I'm going to SIT and DO NOTHING.



  1. Hi Melissa! Can I order 2 fall boxes? One for myself and one for my daughter. Let me know if I need to email with any information.

    I watched the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society a few days ago, I really enjoyed it. I LOVED the book, and ended up reading it again after I watched the movie!

    1. Hi Maureeen! Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed the film! I'm really looking forward to watching. I'll get you all set up with a fall box, for you and your daughter. I am VERY excited about it - the book I'm using I just really fell in love with! I am ALL ABOUT FALL, as you probably know, so I'm really excited about creating this box!

  2. Lisa Schmitz8/17/18, 12:39 PM

    How does one preorder a book box?

    1. Hey Lisa! So glad to have connected with you! I'll get your invoice sent over to you, like we talked about the other day. Yay!

  3. I see the teen boxes are $31 plus shipping...,

  4. I am interested in ordering a box for my daughter!

    1. Hi M! The summer teen theme boxes I was running earlier in the summer has sold out, but I am about to announce another box for that age group, called a Stargazer box. Can you please email me with your daughter's age, and your geo location so I can estimate shipping? And I can give you more details about the new box!