August 20, 2018

vintage summer book box reveal

Hey lovelies! Ok so we've got lots of BOOK SURPRISE BOX biz to wade through. Lots of queries regarding the fall box have been happening, so I'm going to go ahead and announce that sooner than I thought, but first we gotta wrap up Vintage Summer! Officially ha ha. I've already shown and telled (please admire my stunning command of the English language, as well as my zeal for making up my own verb tenses) most of it already on Instagram, but I can't forget my blog, even though I'm much more active on Instagram these days.

To start with - the Vintage Summer box theme is now CLOSED - I'm not taking new orders, but I am taking pre-orders for the fall box, which I will chat about more in my next post!

The book I used was Laurie Colwin's AMAZING AMAZING book 'More Home Cooking'. Not to be confused with her book, 'Home Cooking'. Why did you choose that one, Melissa? Instead of the first one?

Well a few reasons. BOTH are worth having, but I'm just more partial to the second book. I like the recipes better, and also hello Tomato Pie! It's worth buying just for that recipe alone. Also there's recipes for gingerbread (YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT GINGERBREAD RIGHT?) and a whole chapter on chocolate cakes.

So I just like this book better, but let me stress - I own both books and so should you.

Do you have jam anxiety? I DO. (actually I have every kind of anxiety.) Laurie will help you feel less alone about jam anxiety.

One of the reviews on the old edition I have of Laurie's book is that her books make you feel like you have a friend in the kitchen. This is so, so true! See how I refer to her as Laurie?? I feel like I know her, from reading her books. She's so CHUMMY. And funny! Her stories are witty and delightful. Her recipes are easy to make. Her words and her recipes just wrap around you like a warm hug. She's the cooking literary equivalent of Olaf from 'Frozen'.

Also be sure to check out her novels, which aren't food related but are also wonderful!

So to sum up, this book is one of my greatest favorites EVER and that's why I chose it - it has given me such tremendous joy over the years!

Ok let's talk a bit about what else was in the Vintage Summer box, shall we? Vintage candy was in the vintage box! In the form of French and Italian old fashioned pastilles or pastiglie, I don't know what either of those words mean - I think basically they just mean hard candy and mints. Aren't they so pretty?

You might be noticing that I used several kinds of candy. This is how I roll. I get bored. Or I can only find a little of one type of item. Or what have you. I am one person, making these boxes, and often times each box will be a little different from the others. Often times I'm not stamping out exact copies of the same box over and over - these are bespoke boxes, that are often very individual and put together based on what I can get! That's called PERSONAL SERVICE YO.

(oh my - for those of you new to my blog? Yes this is how I talk. Long term blog readers are used to it ha ha ha.)

Also in the boxes! Lavender sachets. And burlap and lace ribbon spools. And floral stationary cards. Another example of what I was talking about earlier - I also found these amazing garden-y sheet masks. They are/were so gorgeous! As orders kept coming in, I realized that I would not be able to get my hands on that many of these particular sheet masks because I couldn't get them online for a decent price, and the tiny Korean beauty store I was shopping at did not carry that many at one time - so I had to switch gears and I began using these floral notebooks instead.

And the tea! We can't forget about the tea. I used Smith's Meadow variety, and also some lavender chamomile. I showed off the Smith tea HERE. SO beautiful don't you think? Like a little garden in a tea bag!

So that gives you the gist of the Vintage Summer box! THANK YOU so so much to all of you who ordered, and also a giant thank you again to Alicia Paulson from Posie Gets Cozy, who gave me a lovely shout out on her blog and sent lots of lovely new friends my way. And thank you to those of you who wrote me such kind notes about this box and about my Anne of Green Gables boxes - your sweet notes seriously brought tears to my eyes!


  1. Love the look and feel of Julia's Book Bag! Also a big fan of the book [url=]More Home Cooking[/url]

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment! And glad you're a fan of the book. It's one of my great cookbook loves!

  2. This is a very belated thank you for this lovely book box! I love everything that you send and this is no exception. I bought the first Colwin book after reading the one you sent me. Yes, it was that good :) I can't thank you enough for all the lovely gifts you include in your package! Your boxes are frankly the most exciting things that I get in the mail! (and I get a lot of stuff because me = online shopping addict)! Looking forward to your upcoming boxes!

    1. Thank you so much sweet friend! I'm so happy that you're loving your subscription! I wish I could get my own boxes in the mail lol. But guess what - I ordered a Japanese snack box! It's Halloween themed and I am SO excited. I'll show it off when it arrives!