October 25, 2018

Autumn Book Surprise Box Reveal

Hello my spookies! It's time to talk about what was in those 'Back of the Attic' Autumn book surprise boxes. It was time two weeks ago, but I AM SLOW.

THANK YOU to all of you who ordered!! I hit my capacity in less than 12 hours; I was floored that this idea sounded cool to anyone else besides myself HA HA HA.

Just to remind - this theme is CLOSED, and after the holidays, I will be announcing my winter theme. I am not taking pre-orders for individual 2019 boxes at this time, but I am taking 3 or 6 month 2019 subscriptions. If you are interested in getting set up for that, starting with the Winter 2019 box, email me at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com. My email is the only way to place orders.

So let's chat about everything! I am so excited to finally have the chance to really chat about the book. I've decided that trying to type on Instagram is like a slow exercise in torture, I really much prefer typing on my laptop. My husband is going to see if he can get me set up with a remote keyboard for my phone, because seriously, I cannot type on that thing AT ALL.

So there was a bit of Trick or Treat going on with the book for this box. Or should I say.....BOOKS.

The Trick was that I used not one, not two, but THREE different books! All by the same author, Eva Ibbotson. I used 'Magic Flutes', 'The Secret Countess' and  'The Morning Gift'. ALL of them are absolutely wonderful, and they were at the top of my favorites list of books that I read this past year. After I read 'Magic Flutes', I was so enchanted, I immediately moved on to the other books, and I was just in love with all of them!

The Treat is that ALL OF THE BOOKS ARE AWESOME, so no matter which book I put in, each one was/is delightful.

I describe all of Eva's stories as sort of fairy tales for grownups. They are sweetly romantic, and all have similar-ish themes - a Viennese princess who conceals her identity while working in an opera house - a Russian countess who flees the Russian Revolution and moves to England and finds work as a house maid in a British country manor. A young Jewish Austrian girl whose family must find another home in London after the Nazis invade. (I loved this story so, from 'The Morning Gift'.) Despite the similarities, each story is quaintly charming in its own way.

HEY HOW ABOUT THOSE COVERS EH? Aren't they so pretty? That's what initially sold me on these books; then when I read about the story lines, I was like, um yeah these are perfect for the Autumn boxes!

The Treats! The actual treats. These took the form of L'Ancienne Hot Chocolate packets and Walker's Dark Chocolate & Ginger biscuits, alternating with Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Biscuits. These cookies are Autumn-in-a-cookie. And the hot chocolate is so intense and dark, it makes one feel like they are in a Paris cafe while the rain comes down outside. A scarlet red jaunty beret is optional.

When it came to the stationery item, I had a whole assortment of vintage charm. I used sticky notes that look like actual old pieces of paper, these were a stroke of genius on the part of whoever came up with idea - I could only find a few of them. Likewise, I could only get my hands on a few of these John Derian postcards. Who's John Derian? Check out his website. My dream is to go to his shop in New York someday!

There were also supremely darling vintage-esque sticky notes, and washi tapes. I found DREAM CATCHER washi tape! And washi tape that looked like old clocks, black lace, feathers, oh and autumn foliage assortment stickers. I was in love with all of it, and whatever went into a box was something I really wanted to keep for myself.

So cute right?? Oh and everything was wrapped up in charming toile tissue paper, which is just the PRETTIEST. Honestly, I'm not trying to toot my own horn (much), but if I got this box in the mail, I would have fainted with happiness. That's my goal with each box theme I create. Would I be utterly delighted if it came to me in the mail? If the answer is a resounding yes, then I know I did a good job.

And the last really lovely surprise in the box were these autumnal scarves. Several different prints, and each one gorgeous.

I have to share a lovely note from a darling person who adored her box, and who shares my love of all caps emphasis and the use of the word 'delightful' - I hope she doesn't mind:

"I am SO THRILLED with my book box! Oh what a lovely gift (from me to me!)
You have done such a wonderful job, everything was just delightful. What a
lovely cozy experience this will be: an enchanting book, fancy hot
chocolate, MY FAVORITE SHORTBREAD COOKIE, and a pretty
scarf to wrap myself in while I read. AND those adorable sticky notes for
bookmarks and journal entries. Honestly, all sorts of things I love in one

And another kindred spirit wrote me this:

"Your autumn attic box was a huge hit with my mom and my daughter, thank you. As for me, it was such a treat to get a great mystery box with things I really like (that I didn’t have to majorly hint about to my husband or kids).  Please sign me up for a years subscription, especially for the British boxes. I lived in Scotland when I was young and am a huge Anglophile now. I also lived in northern Japan when I was young and read Peach Boy and other Japanese Fairy Tales to my kids which was why I had so much fun reading your blog from the beginning."

It gives me great joy to see that others out there are really enjoying the same things that I do!

Everything was wrapped in vintage-style paper, bags, and tissue, and I hope everyone got a perfect dose of fall time cheer when their box arrived ~  Fall time is the best time. If you're reading something wonderful right now, be sure and let me know please!


  1. My daughter and I loved, loved this box-as we do with all your boxes!! We especially love how you package everything, so fun to open everything. The boxes are very special and we are always so excited when they are delivered.

    1. I am so happy that you both loved your boxes!!!! I LOVE sending them out into the world!!!

  2. I don't know why my comment didn't show up - so here it is again! I certainly don't mind that you shared with the world the THRILL of receiving my book box! Yes peeps it was DELIGHTFUL in every way, and one of the best things I've bought as a personal indulgence. And now can't wait to read the other books! xo

    1. YAY YAY YAY! Sorry for the lost comment, sometimes Blogger decides it just wants to go crazeeeeeee. Have fun reading the other Eva Ibbotson books!!! I'm still reading them too!!