November 5, 2018

cool stuff i like

Hey friends! This lovely book is up on my Instagram right now, and it's getting packed up in a British Box. Book surprise care package updates: someone on Instagram asked if I was making a Holiday Box. Well....the answer is yes, but.......only for my 2018 seasonal subscribers. I've already gathered the materials, and I can't make anymore past what I have. I'll put out the reminder once more - the best way to not miss a spot for any 2019 boxes is to get a subscription! See my 'Info' tab up above for pricing and FAQ's. You will notice that there has been a price increase. Wayyyyyyy too much time and content was going into my boxes for what I was charging. As in, people were actually writing to me and saying um, you need to charge more! One friend in Hawaii gently argued with me about the price of the boxes she was ordering (said it seemed wacky I wasn't charging more!). Anyway, I've looked around and no one is doing what I'm doing - and the ones who are at all similar are charging a fortune. So effective immediately - there's a bit of a price increase. Remember - I only take orders via email!

Tuesday is Election Day and please please please get out there and vote, if you haven't already.

I was mentioning the other day on Instagram that I used to really dislike November. Or as I used to call it: the speed bump between Halloween and Christmas. I'm now starting to embrace it as an autumnal respite between those holiday windstorms! It's also my prep month ha ha - I'm trying to get a lot of my holiday planning done this month, so that I won't be in such a scramble come December.

Things to share this week:

How to paint a bedroom in one hour.

Sometimes you just need macaroni and cheese.

What a charming and uplifting book story - thanks to my friend Laura for showing me this!

You have to see all the bookish treats from Sweet Sequels.

Aaaaaand you have to see the holiday goodness from Lucy in the Sky creations!

AND you must see the holiday Nutcracker collection from Latherati!

Ok this you REALLY HAVE TO will FREAK OUT......I NEED this book in my life! 'Miss Violet's Doll House'.

Two years ago, I did a post about Cozy Mysteries - some of you might not have seen it and might enjoy!

Go get yourself a treat and a cup of tea. Then go read this post.

Wabi-Sabi, explained.

Cool Book of the Week: Alrighty so I wish you all could have seen my FACE when I came across this online - I really wish my husband had been around as well - I was home by myself and I saw that 'Noel Streatfeild's Christmas Stories', a new collection of unpublished short stories from my beloved Noel Streatfeild, was to be published this year. Friends - first there was the GASP, and then I seriously RACED up the stairs to get onto my computer and I ordered this in about 5 seconds flat. If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, well have you heard of the 'Shoes' books? Did you worship them like I did? 'Ballet Shoes'? 'Skating Shoes'(there's a brand new edition of that one coming out this November! Just ordered it. Please save me from myself!) These books were read, and read, and read again by me as a child. I have more Streatfeild book goodness to talk about in a future post; I've got a lot more to say on this subject! ANYWAY - as soon as I saw this Christmas book, I had to share the news with you asap.

You voted/are voting right??! Jumping juniper I hope hope hope that our country manages to begin pulling itself out of the muck. OH! Let's end on a high note! You have GOT to see THIS news about a yarn advent calendar from the magical Alicia Paulson. Sounds so beautiful! I wish I was a knitter.



  1. Did you just drop a cool things i like mid-week in November? Loving this.

    1. what else can i do with myself on Election Day??? ha ha ha!!! Stargazer Box is going out to you this week by the way. XOXOXO

  2. I have not read 'Noel Streatfeild's Christmas Stories' yet so it will be on my book wish list! Thank you for the suggestion!