December 4, 2018

cool stuff i like

I have been so crazy lately getting the Holiday Book Surprise Boxes out, I realized to my dismay that I have exactly ZERO pictures that I can use for blogging. I have taken next to no pictures this year and that makes me very sad. Next year I vow to take more pictures of our everyday life. This year just got away from me. How can a whole year do that? And yet, here we are. So please enjoy this photo of my wedding bouquet - my husband and I got married in December and we had a very Christmasy wedding. Back to the holiday boxes! Those went out only to my 2018 seasonal subscribers, and this time of year is it is.....that I think I'll keep on with that plan. I'll show and tell about the contents a little closer to Christmas. The Holiday Box will only be included with my yearly subscription plan - which includes four seasonal boxes, plus a British Box and a Holiday Box. For more info on pricing and plans, please click on the 'Info' tab up above my blog header!

Lots of holiday cool stuff this week:

10 IKEA holiday kitchens.

A Dream Tonic? Tips for restful Sleep? I'm bookmarking this.

This is so great! Movie + cozy throw blanket pairings.

These holiday cards.

And lots of new holiday art goodness from my friend Heather Sleightholm.

Love these ornaments from Magnolia at Target.

A friend put this shop on my radar. Look at these pretty 2019 calendars!

Pecan Pie Pudding Cake.

Avoiding holiday stress tips.

The Local Milk 2018 gift guide.

Loved this post from Heather Bruggman about how her family exchanges gifts.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Fox at the Manger' by P.L. Travers. (the author of 'Mary Poppins') - look at this beauty! It's a fable of sorts, about the nativity story told from the perspective of a fox, who has a unique gift to offer. Look at this beautiful cover! I've never seen or read this before - have you??

Where are you all at with your holiday planning? I'm limping along. I think I'm just about done with my family holiday gift procurement. Except for my father. It's impossible to find a gift for him. Someone needs to create the Impossible Father's Holiday Gift Guide.

I'll be back with two posts that I really want to just ramble about - Trader Joe's at Christmas, and an absolutely amazing book I just got. Wish me SO MUCH LUCK in my blogging, I really miss blogging here! I actually like talking about more things than just my book boxes lol lol.



  1. I miss your posts too!!! Please please post about Trader Joe’s At Christmas!! Love Trader Joe’s and your posts!!!!

    1. I don't think I ever want to live anywhere without easy access to a Trader Joe's!!!!!!

  2. You must feel my pain Melissa-no Trader Joe's in Anchorage. Although I am mighty thankful to my Fred Meyers and Carrs-Safeway, that were up and running very quickly after the large earthquake we had on Friday morning!!

    I do long for a Trader Joe's though...

    1. oh my goodness the earthquake! I hope everything was/is fine for you!!! I'm so spoiled, I whine about why there's no TJ's in my town and I have to drive 15 minutes. Terrible I know! So lucky to have one at all!!

  3. I miss your posts, too!! Yes! Please post about your Trader Joe's favorites! I picked up their Winter Spice Wake Up Tea yesterday and I'm currentyl enjoying a cup. I love everything there! They also have the best $6.99 bottle of prosecco I think I've ever had.

    1. I got that tea too!!!! I really like it! I wish wish wish that they would just throw all their tea bags in a bog like Barry's or Yorkshire Gold does, instead of individually wrapping the bags in all of those wrappers that have to be thrown away. That's my only gripe about that. GREAT TIP about the Prosecco thank you!!

  4. I have never been to Trader Joe's. We are Trader Joe's-less.

    I want to blog but between camera and PTO Prez hell I don't know how. I cry.

    I love you.

  5. Looking forward to your Trader Joe's at Christmas thoughts! Love all your holiday recs.:)