January 8, 2019

2018 Holiday Box Reveal!

Will you look at this?! I'm back on the blog for the second time in less than a week! First of all, I have some sad news. Sad as in first world problem sad, not really sad. I'll try and spread this information around so everyone has a chance to see it a couple of times, here and on my Instagram.

So, I'm doing what I did with my holiday box for my Winter box. Which is - it's only going to my subscribers. I'm so sorry. I ran into an issue - the hygge-ish book I wanted to use is back ordered in a big way - I had ordered a bunch before holiday time for my subscribers and those arrived before Christmas - but when I went to go order more - those were proving hard to come by - local book stores were out, my UK supplier was out (they did get in more but I'm just not sure how many I can get my hands on), and Amazon was predicting wait times until MARCH. What? Maybe everyone bought this book over Christmas. Ha ha, I hope I'm not sending a book that everyone already has!

In summary - only already signed up subscribers are getting my Winter Hygge box.

What I AM doing is this, read carefully, I'm throwing down a lot of info:

I have 10 spots (1!) for a Winter Folklore box. Only 10. UPDATE: ALL SOLD. Some items I ordered for it came from Russia and if I have to order it again, it's going to take too long! And because I'm not using a vintage book, to avoid any duplication issues I will go ahead and reveal the book titles - 'The Bear and the Nightingale' was my book last year for a similar theme, and THIS year I am doing either Book 2 (Book 3 is coming soon! In hardcover though and I don't mail hardcovers.) or 'Wildwood Dancing', which was one of my absolute favorite reads from last year. (And if anyone hasn't read 'The Bear and The Nightingale', I'm happy to include that one as a choice.) I had a custom box request for this theme, so I figured I would offer it to a few more people if they were interested. $41 plus shipping.

Also: I am taking orders NOW for my Spring box, which is a Japanese Tea Garden theme. I am half full on this theme just from my subscribers. I want to get on this early, so I have lots of time to order the books, if there is more difficulty getting my hands on them! Most of my books I order from England, because I like the covers better. So I need a very long runway to allow time for the books to get here. $41 plus shipping. No international orders.

One more bit of news - after January, I will only be taking 3 month subscriptions for the rest of 2019. If you want a 6 month, you need to order now, and start with the Winter Folklore box.

Got it? Sorry for any confusion!

Let's show and tell about the 2018 Holiday box! Up above, you can see the books I used. I couldn't decide between 'Murder Under the Christmas Tree' and 'Murder on Christmas Eve', so I did a half half split. I loved both of the covers so much. Two Christmases ago, I asked for and received a vintage mystery that was set in the snowy British countryside, and it was a 'locked room' mystery, and I sat there on Boxing Day, sipping sherry, eating gingerbread, reading my mystery book, and I WAS SO HAPPY. I wanted to recreate that experience, and that type of cozy feeling was what I was going for with this holiday box.

These soaps! I found them very early in 2018 last year. I thought there were SO charming, and as cute as the packaging is, the fragrances are even better. Gingerbread, Fresh Holly, Winterberry, Cranberry Chestnut, Mistletoe, Snow Lily, Winterfield.....I adored the names for each one of these cuties.

I adored packaging up the books - I found some very bright and cheery, Scandinavian-inspired wrap, and I hope it gave the recipients a dose of holiday fun when opening their boxes!

Because I send paperbacks, and because I don't want the books damaged, I always wrap the books I send in my boxes.

I found some truly darling reindeer socks that were supremely thick and cozy. They came in a variety of colors and I was super delighted with them. Also included along with the socks and the soap, were mini tins of Harney & Sons tea. And again with the half half split - some folks got Godiva Dark Chocolate Peppermint pudding, and some got marzipan pistachio chocolate candies.

For those who got one of these, I'm so grateful and happy that you came on board with me as a subscriber. And to share again what I told people on Instagram - because I don't need additional craziness at Christmas - the 2019 Holiday box will be a similar set up - it will ONLY go to subscribers! So if you think you want in on a cozy box of Christmas cheer, start planning what kind of subscription you would like. Or would like to give to someone!

One more summary:

Winter Hygge theme is closed.

Winter Folklore Box has limited availability.

Spring Boxes - order NOW! This box will be $41 plus shipping.

6 month subscriptions, order by the end of January.

2019 Holiday box - only going to subscribers!

How to order?? Email me at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com, and let me know what you'd like, and most important, LOCATION, so I can estimate shipping! (No international orders.)

More subscription details are up on the 'Info' tab by my blog header.

Whew! XOXO! And Happy Winter!

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