January 4, 2019

noel streatfeild's christmas stories

Hello merry elves! WAIT IS CHRISTMAS OVER???

I didn't get the memo.

Sooooooooo hi! I blogged a month ago! We had a whirlwind schedule going on around here the past few months - house guests, the kiddo's extra curricular schedule went into overdrive, The Holidays, more house guests....and I blinked and Christmas (and New Years!) was over.

And I'm also writing in kind of some kind of Very Tired fugue state, which should be entertaining.

I tend to view January as Christmas Part 2, aka All The Winter Things I Didn't Have Time For Before Christmas. So let's talk about this delightful book! It's super fun to read at any time of year (seriously) or for those of you who are super organized, get it now and save it for next holiday season!

If you've been around these parts awhile, you will know that I have a deep and abiding and never ending love for every last thing that Noel Streatfeild ever wrote. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. That scene in 'You've Got Mail' where Meg Ryan goes on about her love for the 'Shoes' books? Someone crawled into my head and stole those words, BECAUSE I THOUGHT THEM FIRST. I did!! Ok, I'm not accusing Nora Ephron of stealing from my brain, but let me heartily assure you that Extreme Noel Streatfeild Love is real, and I'm not the only one who has it.

Let me tell you about this beauty. When I found out that there was a NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED collection of short stories that came out last year called 'Noel Streatfeild's Christmas Stories', I did my usual book tizzy routine. I gasped. I ran for the laptop. I took out my ordering pinky and clicked. Apparently these stories were only published before in 1940's era magazines and on the radio in England.

After some conversation with a fellow Streatfeild lover on Instagram, my pal and I figured out that this collection is NOT the same as this other book, and there is no overlap among the stories. So if you want to get both books, I would heartily applaud that choice as being Very Prudent Indeed.

The stories will strike a familiar chord among those familiar with how Noel Streatfeild wrote her children's books - plucky children, who often have to move from London to the country or vice versa, who are involved in some way with the performing arts, have to raise themselves up by their bootstraps to make ends meet and fulfill their dreams and ambitions. Oh and the stories just happen to take place during the Christmas season. They are all ENCHANTING, and I had the best time reading this last month!

I can't praise this darling collection enough - I absolutely loved it, and I promise that you will too, and if you're already a Noel Streatfeild fan and didn't know about this, you MUST HAVE IT. I've said this many times before - I'm at the place with my blog now that if I take the time to put something on here, it's because it's FLIPPING MAGICAL, and it's basically my duty to let you all know about it.

So tell me - are you a Noel Streatfeild fan? What's your favorite book? Don't say 'Ballet Shoes', that's too easy of an answer. That's everyone's favorite! (because it's the best ha ha ha). What's your SECOND favorite book? I think mine is 'Dancing Shoes'.


  1. Yay! I got this one last week, after ordering it a month ago. I've put it away for next Christmas, I admit. Guess what? I got a new computer for Christmas. It feels so good to sit at a desk, catching up on blogs! I may even blog again, if I can find a new focus. (Of course, pictures are still a problem for me...)

    1. Oh I think you should read it now!!! ha ha ha. I respect and admire your restraint. Hurray for the new computer! I'd read whatever you wrote!! xoxoxoxoxo