May 2, 2019

cool stuff i like

Happy May! It's May! I love this month. It's always such a happy sounding month, and my lilac tree is blooming, which is seriously one of the highlights of my year. I'll take pictures of a bouquet I'll make out of my blooms, when they're ready. I'll never ever get over being amazed by lilacs. The smell is just everything.

So the book up above might look familiar - I used it in my Vintage Summer Box last year! I had some confusion when ordering the books - I wiped out Amazon's stock and had to order a shipment from England, and then a few more arrived because I miscounted. Anyway, I have six extra books that I've had on hand since last summer. Then a custom order came in for a Cooking themed box, and I'm sending it out in June. And I thought since I was making one, I might as well see if anyone else wanted 'A Country Kitchen' box! Another subscriber snagged a pre-order.

I now have FOUR spots left. I'm not looking to do a big batch of these, because I feel like I gave this book its due last summer, but I'm now using all new cooking themed gift/treat items to go with the book. So if you didn't get one of these last summer from me, or if you want one to give as a gift - you know the drill - EMAIL me and claim your box! Then I send along a PayPal invoice. Box details and pricing info can all be found here. This is one of my favorite reading books, and favorite cookbooks, OF ALL TIME. That said, if some of you are new readers/box lovers and are looking to get in on this box theme, I can order more materials to make a few more of these and have them ready to go out late May/early June.

Online finds this week:

I love every inch of this. An 'orangery'! I want one!

Interested in learning more about practical, everyday ways to save our environment? Check out Haley Boyd's Instagram Stories. She links to fantastic resources, and I'm so impressed by what she's sharing.

Like I needed a new obsession. Great.

Very intrigued by this idea. Do any of you do capsule wardrobes?

I don't like to re-use links from other blog posts, but this link from Cup of Jo I had to bring over here - I DO THIS! I DO THIS! Just lately! I can keep up with everything so much better.

Making this dinner, only with brown rice.

Sign me up.


Cool Book of the Week: I follow Kate Young on Instagram, and I STILL don't have her cookbook yet - I've asked for it for Mother's Day - anyway she mentioned the other day that she adored 'Ghost Wall' by Sarah Moss, and that's enough endorsement for me! Also, the cover is....well I think we all know what I think of this cover, yes? I'm going to go ahead and scoop this up - the story sounds like something I'd be interested in, and THAT COVER. You know I buy books just because of the covers right? I judge ALL the books by their covers ha ha ha! Oh - this apparently is more of a novella rather than a novel - it's under 200 pages. And don't let the lovely cover fool you - this story about an Iron Age ritual reenactment sounds like.....things might not end well is the vibe I'm gleaning.

Tell me what you're reading, watching, and eating!! I always like to know. I'd tell you what I'm reading but I have to keep it a secret because I'm reading three books at the same time trying to figure out if certain books are good candidates for future book boxes. We've been on a Marvel movie binge - Julia had never seen most of the Avengers films, and Andrew and I had forgotten the plots of most of them, so we're getting all caught up together and then we can finally see 'Infinity War' and then get to see 'Endgame'! You know......I'm not obsessive about these movies. I loved the first 'Ironman'. I like the 'Thor' movies. And I really enjoyed 'Ant-man' and 'Ant-Man and the Wasp', but the actual Avengers movies are just ok for me, I'm not wild for them. We did like 'Captain Marvel' a lot. Oh and I actually really liked 'Dr. Strange' because......Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton in the same movie is yay! Ok never mind, I like Marvel movies.



  1. I don't do capsule wardrobes on purpose, but I basically wear the same thing every day so it's like I do. More handy when one works from home!

    Also, my next house will have either a run room/conservatory or an orangery. I want a room I can be cozy in while it rains or is foggy. I WANT THAT SO MUCH!

    1. "run room" Haha! SUN room!

    2. ME TOO ME TOO - Andrew and I spent weeks trying to figure out how to make a cozy room or conservatory but we abandoned the plan - it would have killed light coming into our kitchen and the big killer was that the only area we could have added on something --- gets no sun ha ha ha! it's shaded most of the day! Oh well.

  2. May is just the best month! It’s my birthday month - today to be exact, so naturally it’s my favorite month!! I’m watching Penelope Keith’s Hidden Village - it’s all about darling little villages throughout England. It’s the best!!

    1. I know so many lovely people with May birthdays! Hurray! Ok so I'm on a quest to find this Hidden Village show - we might be signing up for Brit Box so I can watch British TV.