May 22, 2019

cool stuff i like

I had a custom box order roll in as a gift for a 19 year old girl, and I put together a Cozy Box for her that had socks, a Country Lemonade candle, treats, tea, fairy lights, and a muslin bag filled with a bath soak. A variation on my Hygge Boxes. It was super fun to put together, and I'm happy to make Cozy Boxes all year round! So if you want one, or want to give one as a gift, email me at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) come to request a box! Pricing info and details are up in the 'Info' tab in my blog header.

Well we had some days of heat earlier in May, and I thought summer had come early, but then the clouds and rain came back in, and I still have my flannel duvet on the bed. I need a new cotton duvet because during this special hormone time I like to call Middle Aged Hell, everything is either too hot or too scratchy or not 'crisp' enough.

Do you know what I mean about 'crisp' cotton for sheets and such? My husband looked at me like I was speaking alien-ese. But here's my quandry - so I love love love IKEA duvet covers. I think they are extraordinarily awesome! The thread count is not the highest but that matters not. I think that's the special sauce honestly. Julia's duvet covers from IKEA have held up so well, even her toddler duvet which was used everyday for years and years and THAT THING STILL LOOKS BRAND NEW, what kind of IKEA magic is this? I got this duvet cover for our guest room, and it is SUPER COTTON CRISP and I LOVE IT. I love striped duvets for my bedroom, I just really love striped, ticking, stripes, navy stripes, grey stripes, I LOVE STRIPES. And I would love a duvet from here. But if my cat ate a piece out of it (you all know about my fabric eating cat right?) I would never stop crying, so that's another reason I love IKEA bedding. If the cat eats it, I won't feel like the world has ended. But guess what, they have discontinued their stripe duvet that they had forever. I could get it on Amazon, but I'm now eyeing this one. Are you enjoying my story about a duvet that is going Nowhere??

I have a lot of  Cool Stuff fodder this week that is geared around the telly and movies:

Great collection of sheet pan dinners.

I already put this on Facebook yesterday, but let's talk about it again. THE OFFICIAL 'DOWNTON ABBEY' MOVIE TRAILER IS HERE, AND I CAN'T PROCESS ALL THE FEELINGS. I had tears streaming down my face when I saw Carson walking up to the house.

OMIGOLLEEEEEE 'Little House on the Prairie' is on Amazon Prime! I just found this out.

Oh my word, have you heard of Japanese knotweed? This article was an anxiety-inducing and yet fascinating read!

Thoughts on breakfast foods.

Fabulous article on energy and the environment.

Was Shakespeare a woman? (I was discussing this with my former drama teacher, who is a woman and a diehard Shakespeare fan - she disagrees and thinks that Shakespeare was in fact, Shakespeare. But this is Very Compelling Reading nonetheless.)

Mrs. Field's inspired chocolate chip cookies.

Yes to all of this about Dany on Game of Thrones. And this. (spoilers)

I'm sad that I've now finished so many great shows. 'The Office', 'Parks & Rec', 'Lost', 'X-Files', 'Downton', 'GOT'......but I'm finding happiness in looking forward to 'His Dark Materials'. Have you read the books? I need to re-read them.

Cool Book of the Week:  Have you ever read the Mrs. Tim books by D.E. Stevenson? I adore the look of these. Dean Street Press puts out the most charming reissues of many 1930's and 40's era British novels, all done in this darling house format cover art style. They match the aesthetic of my boxes SO perfectly, and they'd be going in my British book surprise boxes in a heartbeat, but...because these editions are relatively new, the price point is just too high - I'd have no budget for all the other swag! Anyway, I've been wanting to check out the Mrs. Tim series, which focuses on the home front life of a British Army wife. The witty storylines were written specifically as mechanism to boost morale during WWII. The books are described by reviewers as a cozy delight to read, especially during turbulent times. I could use some of that right about now!

Have a great rest of your week - and please let me know what is bringing you joy these days - and whether it be in food, book, or movie/TV watching form.....


  1. OMG-I LOVE the Mrs. Tim series!!! D.E. Stevenson is a favorite author of mine, and I read all of her books years ago. I do have several books from the series that I believe I ordered through now I am looking at the Mrs. Tim of the Regiment-and it cost 7.99 in British pounds. I just checked and it now is double that on their website. I absolutely recommend this series-cozy, witty-of all her books these are my favorites. If you library doesn't have them, you can always try interlibrary loan. I know some of them are available on Kindle, but I have so attachment to these physical books!

    1. Oh I absolutely have an attachment to physical books - I get eyestrain really easily when I read too much on any type of screen! I'm so happy to hear that you've read and love these books! I'm going to start collecting a few of these editions with the cute house format for the cover.