May 31, 2019

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! It's a small miracle, I'm getting a Cool Stuff post out actually on a Friday, which is when these posts used to always come out. Then it switched sometimes to a Monday, and then it just became whenever-I-got-it-together type of affair, which is fine. But I feel happier with myself when I actually manage to get one of these out on a Friday. I did not bake the bread up above. My husband isn't really much of a cook. But he's teaching himself to make bread. This bread, warm out of oven, is just about the best.thing.ever. Julia and I tear into it like ravenous wolves whenever he makes one. He uses the everyday bread recipe from this book.

Box news! I'll have a new Anne of Green Gables box post up next week, because I've tweaked my original box a bit. I'm sending out a batch of Anne boxes out this June, and will continue to take orders on it throughout the summer and early fall. And I've yet to officially make a post for my summer box, which is Paris themed, but because I order my books mostly from England, NOW is a good time to place your pre-order! See here for more info. I've been selling out within hours of making announcements of a new box, and I'm half full with the summer box. Remember - I only make small batches of book boxes per each seasonal theme!

Classic birthday cake.

Rita Konig's Victorian farmhouse in the English countryside.

Summer fruit desserts from Food52.

If you were any type of Youngish Person in the '80's, you'll particularly enjoy this read.

Mentioning again. Are you following Haley Boyd yet on Instagram? Her IG stories are full of environmentally friendly tips for everyday living.

My summer Pinterest board.

I'm going to set my bread-making husband on attempting Japanese Milk Bread.

If you're not listening to the Menopodcast, you're missing a GOOD TIME.

MFAMB's ode to the summer porch.

I don't know what's going on with the recent UFO news but I'm ALL IN.

Cool Book of the Week: GET YOUR PRE-ORDERING FINGER OUT. Omg I've been waiting. AND WAITING. And.......still waiting. WAITING SOME MORE. And thank you book fairies! Erin Morgenstern of the best-book-ever 'The Night Circus' fame, has FINALLY written a new book. Coming this fall. I'm cool with it, Erin. Brilliance takes time, I get it.

Now look. If you are 1) weird or 2) mistaken or 3) DELUSIONAL and didn't really enjoy 'The Night Circus' just scoot on by. Please SCOOTY scoot. I don't want to even debate about it. It will just upset me needlessly. WE WON'T DISCUSS IT if you didn't love her first book. My Obsession with 'The Night Circus' has never waned, and I read it once a year or so. So I really don't care what 'The Starless Sea' is about. (but the fact that it appears to be another grownup fairy tale, this time about a mysterious magical book and an ANCIENT LIBRARY hidden underneath the earth seriously has my heart racing.)

I'll have to devote another Pinterest board to her new book, much like I did in creating a Pinterest board for 'The Night Circus'. Oh and here's the book trailer!

Seriously. I have to go fan myself. Between this book, and the 'Downton Abbey' movie, I'm going to be a living my best life come this Autumn.



  1. I am blessed and so honored to have a mention in your wrap up! {{{{SMILING}}}}}

    1. aw jeez I was like, wait haven't I mentioned Menopodcast on the blog before? WHAT, I haven't?? MUST RECTIFY IMMEDIATELY!!! You guys are the best!!!!