May 9, 2019

japanese tea garden box reveal

Ohhhhhhhh this box was so much fun to put together! I drew inspiration from a mini cherry blossom tea set that I've owned forrrrrrrrrrrever. My dream is to someday go see cherry blossoms in Japan. In the meantime, I entertained myself by putting together the Spring Japanese Tea Garden Box. Fun fact: I'm not sure anything I put together for this box was exactly about tea gardens? I just liked the name ha ha ha! But I DID put in things that REMINDED me of things one might encounter while sitting in a Japanese garden. In springtime. While drinking tea. Yay happy spring!

Usually a stationery item goes into most of my book surprise boxes. This time around, the stationery item was......the wrapping paper! The wrap for the books was SO gorgeous, and I used washi tape for taping, which removes cleanly without damaging the paper. I hope everyone who got one of these boxes finds a way to re-use the paper!

For this box, I partnered with fragrance guru Caroline Hayes from Arbor Lodge Candle Shop. She created a custom Japanese Cherry Blossom candle scent for me, and the mini travel candle tins were wrapped in pink tissue to resemble a cherry blossom. (I don't know why I just didn't call this box the Japanese Cherry Blossom Box.) The candle scents hit just the right notes of fragrance - a lot of candles I find to be too strong. I was so delighted with these that I promptly placed another order for a future box theme.

Also included were Japanese bath powder packets. I am WILD about Japanese bath powder - they turn the bath the most beautiful tints and they don't leave any residue behind.  Japanese bath powders are full of naturally occurring minerals that are great for easing stressed muscles and joints. The fragrance is delicate and your skin is left feeling velvety, and oh my goodness I can't rave about the bath experience with these enough. It's another dream of mine to visit a traditional Japanese onsen (hot springs) someday. If you want to see the bath powder in action, check out the video I put up on Instagram.

Hey look! I get so carried away chatting about the smaller gift and treat items, that I forget sometimes that HEY THERE'S A DELIGHTFUL BOOK headlining these boxes. I chose this book almost a half a year ago and basically planned the box around this book. Initially I thought I'd make an all cat themed box! (that sounds fun doesn't it?) 'The Travelling Cat Chronicles' by Hiro Arikawa is a beautiful story about a cat who travels around Japan with his owner, encountering old friends, and looking for a place to settle. (I'm being a bit vague because there are some plot points I don't want to spoil.) It's beautifully written, emotionally haunting, and reading the cat's thoughts and words is extremely entertaining. I thought this was a charming, unique read, and I ordered the books from England because I liked the U.K covers better than the U.S. version.

Let's play I Spy. Do you spy some darling heart shaped soaps in the photo below? Mini sized cherry blossom soaps from Willow Creek Craft Shop. These are vegan, and smell amazing! And so so pretty and dainty. Guess what the fragrance was. (CHERRY BLOSSOM.) 

And lastly, we can't forget about the tea and treats. For the tea offering, packets of Lavender Milk Tea were included - all you do is add hot water! Black tea, non-dairy creamer, sugar, and lavender flavoring - together this makes what my daughter calls "The Most Comforting Drink In The World." What's lovely about this tea is that the lavender is subtle and the sugar level is just right and not too cloyingly sweet. And for the treat, Japanese fruit candies in flavors of peach, lychee, strawberry, and watermelon all found their way into the mix.

So there you have it - the 2019 Springtime Seasonal Book Surprise Box. Next up is my Summer in France theme coming in July. A word of advice - my subscribers get boxes first before I do any further advertising on Instagram - and I'm already half full for the summer box just from subscribers. If you think you want one, NOW is the time to place an order! For more information regarding pricing and subscriptions (boxes can also be purchased as standalone boxes), please check out the 'Info' tab at the top of the blog. I'm also doing a very small batch of Country Kitchen boxes in June, as well as Anne of Green Gables boxes, and I create British Boxes and Cozy Boxes all year long except during the holidays.

It was such a blast doing the Japanese themed box though, that I've already begun planning next Spring's Japanese box. It's going to be less pastel, more mysterious, and I've already picked out the tea! I am SO EXCITED.

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