May 28, 2019

posie gets cozy apothecary box

I am so happy to show off this loveliness! Actually, I'm ALWAYS happy to have a chance to wax poetical about the magical Alicia Paulson, head fairy over at Posie Gets Cozy. Now before I get you all excited about this show and tell I'm about to do - I have to let you know that this Apothecary Box she created earlier this spring is SOLD OUT - but she might be offering a few of the items in it a la carte in the future, and she is always creating new sewing and embroidery kits - and her creativity knows NO BOUNDS, so keep checking her web shop to check on new offerings!

So, you might have seen that I've switched gears around here and have moved my focus from discussing children's books to creating book & treat surprise boxes. And it gives me great joy putting these packages together. But........I sometimes feel sad that I DON'T GET ANY BOXES. Somehow Alicia was able to glean this out of the air and she created something just for me (it wasn't just for me), but seriously she must have scanned my brain and thought What Would Melissa Adore?

The answer to this question OF COURSE was a 'Secret Garden' inspired Apothecary Box. With so.many.lovely.treasures.

As soon as I saw her mentioning this box, I had my ordering finger out. And I have to confess something shameful - I got the box in order to give to someone else. AND THEN I DECIDED TO KEEP IT because I loved the sound of it so much! And when it arrived.....oh my. OH MY. My daughter and I did not act like Civilized People when the box arrived, because we kept arguing over who got to keep what.

('The Secret Garden' book is my own and did not come with the box.) Alicia took her inspiration from this most lovely of classic stories, and let me take this chance to SHOUT at you that you must please please please get the Tasha Tudor versions of both 'The Secret Garden' and 'A Little Princess'. Because they are the best and have the best art, and smooth, heavy, creamy pages, and you must have the Tasha versions.

Each item in the apothecary box was/is beyond wonderful. (oh. if you're on your phone and want to see some funny business surrounding the word 'apothecary' please go to my Instagram Tea Stories highlights and watch the 4th snippet ha ha ha.)  Alicia made each and every item herself, and as pretty as every thing looks, the fragrances are even better.

Let me share about every piece ~ first there was a flower-infused salt and milk Spring Garden Bath Soak, that smells so amazing I can't even articulate.

Also included was a mini candle made with dried flowers and tiny gem chips, and a handmade bar of cold-processed soap in the prettiest shades of dusty rose and caramel - it looks like something you could EAT. (legal disclaimer: but please don't eat it.) There was also a lotion bar with a floral embossed design on the top that came in its own keepsake tin.

AND LASTLY, and this was my daughter's favorite item - there was a scented wax sachet decorated with gorgeous dried botanicals. Everything is so pretty I'm honestly a little hesitant to actually use anything because I don't want any of it to disappear! But now that I've photographed the contents and have now had a chance to properly rhapsodize about this box o' delight, I am going to finally choose a place in which to hang the wax sachet, and I'm going to make tea and light the candle, and I'm going to put the soap in my guest bathroom (it's HUGE! It'll last for ages!), and I'm going to save the bath soak for times when I really really need a pick-me-up bath.

Last summer, Alicia was so sweet and she gave my boxes a shout out on her blog, a kindness for which I am forever grateful because she basically jump started my box business. Her blog posts are something I always always always look forward to, and I can't wait to see what lovely creations she comes up with next. My ordering finger is at the ready.

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