June 14, 2019

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! Over on Instagram, I posted my peonies-on-steroids and here's what my husband had to say about them: "they remind me of a prom dress from the '80's - pink, frilly, and too much material." Well. Huh. I'm reminded that I haven't had much of his commentary on the blog in a LONG time, and that I should get it together this summer and create a summer reading list for him to critique. (Although I'm pretty certain that NOTHING will ever top this post.)

In box news, I'm reminding that there's still space to order my Summer in Paris book surprise box for another week, and then I'm closing the theme. I will have some other options to order this summer - Anne of Green Gables boxes (they've been tweaked! Post next week.), British boxes, and a couple other things I'll chat about soon.

Online things to share:

These cookies.

This cookbook. (from my home state! totally getting this.) 

Lots and lots of summer reading lists for kids of all age ranges HERE.

I'll watch anything Julian Fellowes creates.

You can make this and pretend you're in the south of France.

Susan Branch is getting ready for summer.

I think I put this Old Fashioned Rhubarb Pudding Cake recipe up on Facebook - for those of you not on there, here it is again. (See the photo up above.) It's MAGICAL, and I'll be doing it with peaches later in summer, and then plums in the fall.

This will make you happy.

Have fun going down this rabbit hole!

'This moment in June'

Cool Book of the Week:
Well if you recall from my last Cool Stuff post, my pre-ordering finger was at the ready, and now I'm about to give it a real workout because OMG Maggie Stiefvater (of my beloved 'Raven Boys' fame - have you read those? I WAS OBSESSED. You know about my strange East Coast prep school obsession right?) has written a new trilogy and the first one is called 'Call Down the Hawk' and one of the main characters is one of the Raven Boys! I'm so out of my mind thrilled that she's continuing on with that world. *Mild spoiler* for 'The Raven Boys' - if you recall, one of the boys has a very particular ability with dreams. I seriously can't wait for this.

Have a lovely weekend and a Happy Father's Day to the daddies - I have a cold and I'm hoping to finally get a chance to watch this movie. Go make that rhubarb pudding cake!



  1. Your peonies have been absolutely gorgeous! Keep posting them!! I so want to find time to watch that movie on Netflix - it looks adorable! Happy summer!!

    1. aaaaah still didn't get a chance, turned out to be too busy of a weekend! SOON. Happy summer to you too!!