June 28, 2019

emily of new moon box

So I'd like to say that I had this idea all on my own, but even though I had the happy idea to create my Anne of Green Gables boxes last year, it didn't really occur to me to take the logical next step until A Very Helpful Person wrote me and requested a custom Emily of New Moon box!

Now - it DID occur to me before creating the Anne boxes, that I would love to have a Lucy Maud Montgomery box and just throw 'The Blue Castle' in EVERYTHING and call it a day lol. (May I take a moment's digression and let you know that 1) it's one of my favorite books of ALL TIME and 2) please go read 'The Blue Castle' and 3) Thank you, go read it.)

But here's the deal - as I pondered this idea, ponder ponder ponder - and as I took a peek at what was out there that I could use for a L.M. Montgomery box....everything merchandise related was Anne Anne Anne all the time, everywhere. So I decided ok, making an Anne box! I just felt I was going to get the most immersive experience by making Anne boxes, if that makes any sense.

However, by thinking very hard for about a week, or longer - it takes a lot for me to stretch my brain these days - I did manage to come up with ideas for an Emily box that I think are appropriate for the theme.

I've always considered Emily to be the moon to Anne's sun. She's silvery, dark haired, with violet hued eyes, and her last name is Starr - I knew a celestial theme would work well for her.

For boxes that might also go to children, I always show and tell from the outset - and here's what you can expect in this box (I might mix and change things as I discover items or change my mood) :

The Emily book of your choosing

Constellation themed socks

Vintage washi deco tape in shades of indigo or violet

The candy that goes into my Anne boxes - this time in a Pear & Cinnamon flavor

Peppermint tea

an Emily of New Moon bookmark

Celestial themed note pad

a strand of fairy lights

 (**If this box seems familiar to long term readers, please check out this post about my Stargazer box, which I am STILL MAKING for tweens and teens. I'm using a different brand of colored fairy lights now, but otherwise I'm still offering this box, and I'm making it a permanent offering because I love the idea so much! That box will also have the celestial notebook, and I'll be offering the constellation socks OR the headband.**)

Pricing for these is $45 plus shipping. If you'd like one, email me at juliasbookbag (at) gmail (dot) com and request a box! And tell me which book you'd like! Important detail. Then I'll send along an invoice. Do you consider yourself more of an Anne fan or an Emily fan?

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