June 6, 2019

summer in paris book box

Bonjour ma petites! I'm officially making the announcement for my 2019 Summer book surprise boxes. Time to get your pre-ordering finger out! If you like the vibe of these photos, you're going to love the book I've chosen, as well as the tea and treats that are going into this latest box. (remember - you can always email me and request a title reveal! I have a backup book in mind, in case someone asks me and hates what I've chosen ha ha)

Here are the details - through my subscribers, I'm already half full with this theme, and because I order my books from England most of the time, I need a long runway to order books and create the boxes. So the point is - I won't be taking orders for this one all summer. I'll take orders for the next couple of weeks (or until I hit capacity) and then close the theme. Please see HERE for pricing and general box ordering info!

I'm expecting to get these out later in July - I have to wait a few weeks for the books to arrive to me in the mail.

I'm not sure why exactly I landed on a vintage Paris theme - I've read that it's actually dismally hot there in the summer and most of the locals leave the city. But I've been wanting to do something with a French theme for awhile, and I thought that summer was the best time to do it. When I do the full box reveal after boxes have been shipped, I'll talk more about how choosing the book for this box nearly drove me to learn every swear word in the French language. At one point, I had over ten books out from the library. It was terribly difficult to choose, but I finally decided on two of them. I'm not sure if I'll do a half half split, or just go with one title. I'm so tricksy that way.

Anyway! This will be a very jolie, very charmante box, that will hopefully delight your inner Francophile. A bientot!


  1. Ooh la la! I can't wait to get my box!! Have been so enchanted by every box I've received so far.