July 12, 2019

cool stuff i like

Hello friends! How's your summer going? It's been off and on rainy and not too hot and I'm LOVING this summer weather this year. The past few years have been so blazing hot and smoky. Usually it seems like we have one or two weeks of 75 degree weather and then the rest of the summer is just Too Hot, and I'm like why can't the whole summer just fluctuate between 70 and 75 degrees? Well we're getting just that this year, and I. am. thrilled. 

A cool thing on Instagram went on last week - go check out the #12daysofannestagram tag - a super fun challenge I participated in celebrating all things Anne of Green Gables.

Box news: All of the 'Summer in Paris' book surprise boxes have been mailed out, and I'll start with the reveals on Instagram, and then I'll get together a reveal post here on the blog as well. That box was SUPER fun to put together, and I was super delighted with it, and that's always my goal - TO DELIGHT MYSELF ha ha ha - if others like it as well, so much the better! I'll be advertising for the Autumn box early this year; I'll start talking about it in earlyAugust because the books are coming from England and due to some family commitments taking up most of October, I'll be mailing all of the Autumn boxes in late September this year. So I'll be only taking orders until mid to late August for the Autumn box!

How do you like them strawberries. They were so red, some of them were seriously ruby scarlet - the juiciest strawberries I've ever had. I don't know why I even make an attempt at buying them at any other time of year. My daughter is in rehearsals for a summer theater production, so we haven't really been doing anything super exciting around here other than driving a lot, but we did just start introducing our teen to 'The X-Files', which.....I've been waiting years and years for this day to arrive! She loves it.

Online cool stuff this week:

Summer in the French countryside.

Fascinating. Read this. We just had a mild earthquake in the Pacific NW at 3am. We woke up and immediately began running around the house like chickens, trying to find clothes and shoes etc., which was the wrong thing to do.


Alicia Paulson's new studio makeover is a cool breeze of awesome.

Going to IKEA soon. I want to check out this bag, and this bag, and this pillow. (not totally sure on the pillow, need to see it in person.) And these bowls.

This is just too over the top fabulous. I can't wait for the inevitable HBO show.

Removable wallpapers selected by MFAMB.

Just ordered the shampoo bar. I've been haunted by the thought of so many plastic bottles of everything. I've been looking for something like this to try!

Getting caught up with everything on this gorgeous blog.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Summer Country' by Lauren Willig, just out this past June. Ok so if you've been hanging out with me here for awhile, you know that I 100% choose books by their covers. Show me a fabulous cover, and I'll show you my money. Now, that hasn't always worked out for me - I've definitely purchased books based on covers only to discover I WAS BEING FOOLED and the book was not for me. But. This one has a great looking cover AND I'm keen to find it and read it because it kind of sounds like storylines from my old school Victoria Holt books. (yes I will someday devote a post to my beloved Victoria Holts, I was OBSESSED.) A Victorian epic set in a possibly haunted and deserted plantation in Barbados? Yeah, I'm gonna give this one a whirl.

Have a lovely weekend! I'm still slowly reading through this book, and I just love it.



  1. I LOVE the IKEA bags! Such fun pops of color! I would also like to try the shampoo bars, but still need conditioner for my dry hair...i guess 50% reduction in plastic bottles is a good start? And I loved that hot summer platter of veggies and burrata! MMMMM going to have to save that idea!

  2. OOOH also that Rome2Rio website is ALL FOR ME! You know I love me some travel!

  3. Agreed. 70s would be positively dreamy.

    I confess, I like you have no clue what to do in a earth quake. I'm a total east coaster. I can't imagine how scary they must be.

    Ooo those bowls are lovely.

    Wait IKEA has bags right now? I'm heading over right now to check them out.

    Your making me crave strawberries.