July 25, 2019

cool stuff i like

Let's talk about box news right off the bat! Behold - the official theme for Autumn boxes: Back of the Attic 2: A Forgotten Fairytale. Yes, that's a mouthful. Yes, kind of ridiculous. And YES I LOVE IT. I've already planned out this entire box, and it's going to be so much fun. I ADORED the book I'm using, and I think the accompanying treats and gifts are going to make for a very whimsical and charming experience. BUT MELISSA. It's JULY. Why announce this now?

Because as per usual, the books are coming to me from the U.K. and I need a long runway to allow them to get to me, and then pack the boxes and mail them. I have some family commitments in the first half of October, so I'm planning on mailing these in late September. So I'll be cutting off orders for this by the 3rd week of August.

So the time is NOW to pre-order this box, is what I'm saying! Last year my Autumn theme sold out in less than a day.

Now, if this doesn't float your boat, I will also be sending out some British Boxes in September as well. I'll be doing a post soon showing the Anatomy of a British Box. They're super fun! I'm taking orders for that as well.

DETAILS MELISSA PLEASE and PRICES and HOW TO ORDER?! See the 'Info' tab up above by my blog header? It's all there!

So today is Thursday and all this week I've been confused about which day it actually was. I thought today was Wednesday. Made plans, having conversations with people....all totally confused about what day I was planning for and what day it actually was. I've never really done that before! It was like I lost an entire 24 hours to alien time loss or something. Speaking of which, my husband and I have gone way back to Season 1, Episode 1 of  'The X-Files' to watch with Julia, which I think I mentioned last week, but we're still going with it, and I was the biggest 'X-Files' lover of all time (ALL TIME) and I'm just seriously filled with joy over watching it again with my kiddo.

Online coolness lately:

This sounds like something I need to watch.

Just discovered this VERY COOL meal prep Instagram account.

YA fiction summer reading for teens.

Well this looks bonkers. I'm ALL IN.

The latest post from The Goddess Susan Branch.

Very interested in checking out this book.

Well this is horrifying. Sorry, it can't always be all fairies and bubbles around here.

These sound amazing.

My kiddo has gotten into wax melts. Or the idea of wax melts. We're thinking of getting this warmer.

Cool Book of the Week: My daughter got a teen magazine the other day and there was an advert for this book and when I saw the title, I was like,' What is that? What is that?' as my kid is flipping pages and I'm like WHAT WAS THAT IT SAID FAIRY. Anyway, it's this book, 'The Legend of the Fairy Stones' by Kelly Anne White and it looks totally weird. Which means I love it already. Just came out this past spring. I took a peek inside the preview on Amazon, and it has a wonderful collection of fairy art and now I'll be spending the rest of the summer looking for fairy stones. Thanks random teen magazine.

I'll be back with several posts I want to show you before summer ends - the full Summer in Paris book box reveal, a post on French books that I almost chose for the Summer box but didn't (but you still might want to read them!), a post on children's boxes I'm making, and a show and tell about British Boxes. If you're in a heat wave right now, STAY COOL PLEASE.



  1. Morning! All great stuff as usual! Regarding the article on rape and focusing on the disbelieving of police when rape is reported. Did you ever read the memoir "Lucky"? The author Alice Sebold (who also wrote the novel, The Lovely Bones") was raped in college and was constantly told by law enforcement that she was "Lucky" because when she was attacked, she was sober, dressed in sweats and a virgin. Staggering that they paid more attention and caught the guy because of those reasons. #Timesup Thank you for sharing the article. It's so important!

  2. Hello!
    I want to thank you for steering to me to the book "Night Circus". I'm 60% through the book and am REALLY enjoying it.