August 20, 2019

blackberry days

I was going to pair this photo with a Cool Stuff post, and then I decided I just needed to ramble.

Blackberry days. Back to school planning. September looming. My daughter has fallen headlong into an obsession with 'Sherlock' - ok let's discuss this for a hot minute. My husband and I watched Seasons 1 and 2, and I think I fell asleep in the middle of each episode. Not because I was bored, but because I've reached the age where if you plunk me onto a sofa at 9pm and turn on some television for me and I'll show you MY EXTREME NAPPING POWERS. Sigh. My daughter screeches at me constantly "MOM WAKE UP". I've finally let my husband and Julia know that honestly I don't care what I miss, just let me get my television power napping go on unobstructed, thanks so much.

I made a peach pie a few days ago. (This is now my favorite pie dough recipe.) It lasted one evening dessert and one breakfast. Poof! Such a lot of work and it's not like cookies or a cake, that you can cut into over the course of several days. I could never eat a whole pint of ice cream, or gobs of cake at once, or 15 cookies or whatever else you can think of to binge eat, but I honestly think I could maybe almost eat an entire pie in one go.

There was a clicking noise outside my living room window. I'd been hearing it for weeks. I'd go look, couldn't see anything. Click click. Andrew heard it as well. Finally we listen together, and he thinks that maybe it might be some type of insect. INSIDE OUR WALLS. We see some yellow jackets. I freak out. We go and get a wasp trap thingy, and trap lots and lots of yellow jackets. We call the exterminators, who come and spray around and inside the cracks outside, more clicking noises! The exterminator pounded on the wall to get them to come out and be sprayed, and YES we had yellow jackets! Building a nest in our wall! Insert frowny face.

Over the past couple of weeks, Julia and I have been re-watching all of the 'Harry Potter' movies. It's been loads of fun. I think it's time for me to re-read the books.

Stayed up until 1am the other night planning a brand new box. I'm so thrilled about it, I can't even tell you. I WILL tell you about it probably next week, after I hear back from a vendor about an item I want to include in it. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BOX. 

I've also been planning next winter's hygge box. I strongly encourage you to get your pre-order in now, I only do small batches of the seasonally themed boxes! See the 'Info' tab up above by my blog header for pricing and ordering details. I'm sort of torn between two themes but one is in the lead and the planning is coming into place more readily for that one so I'll probably roll with that and I'm ALSO VERY EXCITED ABOUT THAT BOX.

My big summer project of cleaning the garage didn't happen. But we need to go get some garage shelving and such from IKEA so we can then put items lying around on the ground ON THE SHELVES, so a trip to IKEA is happening soon and that's always A Big Excitement in my book.

There's more late summer ramble on my Instagram as well.


  1. Okay I have to share re: the yellow jackets. Exact same thing happened to my husband and me a few years ago, only it was right behind the headboard of our bed. We'd hear buzzing at night and have no idea what the source was. This went on for a couple of weeks till one night around 4 a.m. I was woken by a really sharp pain on my wrist. I thought it was a spider bite and made my husband take me to the ER just in case my hand started to turn black or something (lol, yes I am crazy). Turned out to be a yellow jackets' nest in the wall, and there was a tiny crack underneath the windowsill through which they could get into our bedroom. I FREAKED OUT and had to sleep downstairs till the exterminator could come and get rid of them and patch the wall. So yellow jackets are definitely little jerks who like nesting in walls and will sting you for no reason when you're peacefully sleeping!

  2. I'm very excited to hear more about next winter's cozy, hygge box!