August 28, 2019

little women book surprise box

Well someone (me!!) got a little excited when the trailer for the new 2019 'Little Women' film dropped a couple of weeks ago. But as excited as I was, it was actually a very clever friend of mine who texted me and asked if I had thought of creating a 'Little Women' themed book suprise box.


(gasps and feels grateful for clever and supportive pals.) So let's add a friend next to my 'Anne of Green Gables' boxes.  

(it's my intent to slowly build a small roster of literary classics themed boxes that are available all year long, not to be confused with my Seasonal Themed boxes for grownups and my children's box subscriptions.)

UPDATE! I'll be tweaking the boxes a bit for Little Women boxes purchased for teens/tweens/kids. In those boxes, I'll include a plaid or gingham headband and a vintage pencil bag in lieu of the socks. And I'll also include Baked Apple Cinnamon herbal tea instead of the black tea varieties below.

I was so excited about this theme, I stayed up until 1am the same day that my friend gave me the nudge, fleshing out the box gift and treat ideas for this theme. It's so funny, every new box becomes my favorite child. (This is the part where I say that I love all of my boxes equally ha ha ha.) 

But I am seriously so enchanted with this newest box, because it's just like a COZY HUG in a box. That's what I wanted. That's what I want for all of my boxes, but this one is really going to be just a lovely-blankie-with-tea-on-a-quilt-by-the-fireside type of feel. Substitute 'lovely meadow' if people buy this box in the warmer weather months. Don't substitute the cozy hug idea, that stays the same no matter which season!

Because this box is appropriate for children old enough to read 'Little Women', tweens/teens, and adults - I'm showing and telling some of the items, as is my practice for boxes that might potentially go to a youth audience. My seasonal themed boxes for grownups are always a secret until the box reveal, but for boxes that might go to a younger person, I like for people to have a clearer idea of what they're getting. Now by now, you all should know that in many of my boxes, charming socks are part of the deal. Rustic cozy socks definitely belong in the Little Women box.

And because Jo March was so keen on writing, I'll be including a fountain pen, along with a vintage notepad and/or stationery.

I love partnering with various makers and creative small businesses, promoting their wares in various box themes that I put together. I'm super excited to have discovered Copper and Kraft Candle - I decided that the type of rustic fragrances Theresa specializes in would be perfect for this project. (Please admire her photos up above.) 

I'll be including mini candle tins in a variety of scents: Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Apple Cider Doughnut, Black Tea & Almond, Caramelized Pear. The scent you receive will be a surprise; please don't request a particular fragrance. It will be a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!! I thought all of these sounded very Little Women-ish.

Up above here, I've included a mini sampler of what kind of tea flavors might appear. I love the embroidered vibe of these! I'm not showing the treat item because I will probably change and rotate the treats, depending on the season and my mood. Caramels, honey spoons, tiny jars of apple butter or jams all might make an appearance.

NOTE: I cannot take special dietary requests. My boxes nearly always contain an item that might contain sugar, dairy, wheat, and/or nuts.

Oh, shall we talk about the BOOK??? Virago Press has some utterly charming and lovely new editions that are just now becoming available in the U.S. They are beauties, but then so are the editions from Vintage Classics that you see in the first collage.

When placing your order (see the 'Info' tab up by my blog header), please let me know if you want me to choose a book for you, or if you want the Virago cover. Also - this box is not limited to just 'Little Women'! If you'd like the box with 'Little Men' or 'Jo's Boys' or 'Good Wives', let me know.

The Virago editions are new, and thusly, considerably more expensive. They are absolutely gorgeous! VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The Virago and Vintage Classics editions of 'Little Women' do NOT contain the material from 'Good Wives' aka 'Little Women Part 2', aka 'Jo Does Not Marry Laurie', aka 'Do We All Hate Amy?' aka 'This Is Not a Spoiler Get Real'.

I want to stress this to avoid stress. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE ABOVE. Go back and read. I'll wait. This a 'Little Women' experience box. For those who love the book or who want a first introduction. But if nothing will do but to have the entire book, I'll put in the edition from Puffin Classics. Here's what it looks like.

The pricing for this box will be like the 'Anne' box - $50 plus shipping. Boxes that don't contain a Virago edition will contain an extra item or two to make up for the pricing disparity among the different book editions. Boxes that contain the complete Puffin Classics edition will still be $50 because I'll incur more shipping fees with the heavier book and it's two books in one. Confused? Don't be - every box is $50 and we can hammer out which book you want when you order.

I am taking pre-orders now, (go hit that 'Info' tab at my blog header I just mentioned for ordering and invoicing details) and these boxes will be sent in November, right before the new movie comes out! What a lovely holiday gift these would be!

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