August 1, 2019

summer in paris box reveal

I've already done the full reveal of this box on Instagram, but I thought it would be nice to add all the photos in one place over here. This was one of my favorite boxes to put together! I really struggled with the book, in the sense that there are SO MANY books about Paris, and I wanted to have the right book for my vintage Parisian theme. After reading about ten books, I finally settled on 'The Ladies' Paradise' by Emile Zola. I had a fabulous experience watching the period drama 'The Paradise' a few years back and when I made the connection that the show was based on this book, I knew I had my winner! The show is set in a London department store, while the original book is based in Paris.

The story follows the dramas in the lives of the staff workers who live in and work at the largest department store in Paris, at a time when the notion of one giant store containing everything one might want to buy under one roof was a novel concept - one that disturbed and uprooted established  late 19th century independent shopkeepers. The heroine of the book is Denise, a young shop girl who starts in a lowly position and eventually rises in the ranks of the department store hierarchy.

It's VERY over the top and dramatic, and the book is basically an old fashioned baroque soap opera. I had loads of fun with it and hope others did as well! It was difficult keeping the cast of characters straight at first, but eventually I got it. I couldn't decide which cover art I liked best, so I did a half half split of the two editions you see above. SO pretty!

I also included various vintage-esque Parisian inspired notecards. I wanted this box to just be PRETTY. Everything had to be pretty! My inspiration was a Laduree macaron. Pretty, pastel, and vintage.

I talked a bit on Instagram about why I use wrapping paper on my books - 1) I use paperbacks and I have to protect them. Also, I like adjusting my tissue paper and wrapping paper depending on what theme I'm creating. And 2), I find wrapping to be as close to meditation as I will ever get to in this life.

Oh my goodness, these hankies! So you see the little black dog by the gate? I knew that including vintage style hankies in a variety of pastel hues was going to be so darling in this box, and that they would provide just the right touch of whimsy.

Also added to the mix were these beautiful floral porcelain favor boxes with lids. I squealed when I saw these in person. EACH BOX IS DIFFERENT. Aren't they fabulous? From one of my favorite online shops, Victorian Trading Company.

THESE COOKIES. French biscuits that are unlike anything I've ever tried before! Thick and buttery, with a slight hint of sea salt. These cookies are flipping incredible. Julia and I had them with hot chocolate one day and we just stared at each other, we couldn't believe how good they were. Grand Galettes from St. Michel. These are made in France, and don't be fooled by their unassuming and rather plain appearance. They are some of the best cookies I've ever had.

I was also excited to include Lavender Lemonade lollipops from Leccare Lollipops. This Etsy shop is delightful, and the amount of flavors available are dizzying. I knew this flavor profile was just right for the Paris box. I love supporting small business owners who create unique wares!

OK THE TEA. Basically I created this entire box theme as a showcase not for the book ha ha ha, but so that I could finally put Marie Antoinette Tea from Nina's Paris into the boxes. HOW PRETTY IS THIS TEA. And let me tell you, as pretty as these look, the taste is even better. A black Ceylon tea blend flavored with apples and rose. My daughter requests this tea as often as we're willing to make it for her. It's so, SO good, and I can't say enough good things about it. One of my very favorite teas in the world, and my big dream is to sometime visit the actual Nina's tea shop in Paris.

Books, cards, hankies, tea, floral favor boxes, cookies and candy - this box was like a perfumed breeze that wafts in and sweetly kisses you on the cheek. I love putting all of my boxes together, but this one really was special! Thank you so much to all who ordered. One client emailed me and used my favorite word to describe it - "Enchanting!" (I love getting emails from happy box recipients!)

I have only a small handful of spots left for my Autumn box coming in late September - in case you missed the news, the theme is 'A Forgotten Fairytale' and books and treats are already planned and arriving. This is going to be a gloriously cool box. To order, check out the 'Info' tab at my blog header. The books have to be ordered from England, so I need to allow about 2-3 weeks for them to arrive to me. I'm taking orders now in August, so the boxes can be ready for September mailing. A bientot, ma petites!

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