September 24, 2019

cool stuff i like

Wow, I've been such a MIA blogger and Instagrammer lately. I mentioned on Instagram that the busier I get with the book surprise boxes, the less time I have to create posts for the blog and IG! Last week ALL of the Autumn 'A Forgotten Fairytale' theme boxes were mailed - I still have one to deliver to a friend locally, and I think the last mailing batch will have their boxes arriving on Sept 29. Next week I'll begin putting reveal posts on Instagram, and after that's done, I'll put a blog post compiling all of the reveal photos in one spot here.

I'm still taking orders for 'Little Women' boxes!! I'll be taking orders for those through October. They'll be mailed in mid to late November. Then I'll take a break during Christmas. And then I'll pick back up in January, as these boxes, like the 'Anne of Green Gables' boxes, will be available mostly year round.

NOTE - someone popped me a question and for anyone else who might be confused - I AM TAKING SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS for 2020! For 3 and 6 month packages. I'm NOT yet taking orders for individual boxes like next Winter's Hygge box (which is going to be so cute and fun!). So if you know you want a few boxes next year, you can get set up with a 3 or 6 month box subscription now. Hygge boxes have been popular the past two years, so if you're on the fence, go ahead and get a 3 month as an early holiday gift to yourself or someone else!

If you've had interest in my boxes, now's the time to go for it. I'm committed for 2020, but after that I'll have to reassess, because I have a mental breakdown every month fretting about the carbon footprint of ordering books, and gifts, and then mailing them back out into the world.

Let's talk about the biscuits you see up above. I got them in a nearby town for about $6. Amazon sells them for double that, with the shipping. They come from the U.K. and they are among the very best tea biscuits I've ever had in my life. I nearly fainted when I saw this Apple Custard flavor!! They are absolutely fantastic, and you need to just go ponder over the entire Artisan Biscuits website. Then we can cry together that this stuff isn't easy for U.S. customers to get their hand on.

Online things to look at:

Old fashioned apple cake with brown sugar frosting.

'The House of Salt and Sorrows'. A ghostly version of  'The Twelve Dancing Princesses'?? Sign me up. New this fall. Yup, this is my Halloween reading!

Fun fact, I've never listened to a podcast before. That's about to change because of this.

I have often wondered about this.


New content on Local Milk.

Design Mom moved to France!

How to cook for every back to school meal.

Happy fall things from MFAMB.

Well these dolls are the cutest things in the world.

Cool Books of the Week: Imagine my delight upon discovering not one, but TWO new 'Little Women' cookbooks coming out new this October! 'The Little Women Cookbook' AND 'The Little Women Cookbook' lol lol. Written by Wini Moranville, and Jenne Bergstrom and Miko Osada respectively. They both look charming and darling, with recipes like Apple Turnovers and Christmas breakfast treats and Amy's pickled limes - along with quotes from the books and other fun Little Women goodness.

If someone....wanted to really go ALL OUT for the 'Little Women' lover in their life (or themselves).....they could get one of these cookbooks to go along with one of my Little Women boxes and um wow that would be a very impressive gift!

Have a lovely rest of this first week in Fall season! We had no extended summer this year - September arrived and so did the rain and the grey. I put on my flannel duvet cover last night, which is an all time record of earliness - it usually doesn't go on until well into October.

We were supposed to see the 'Downton Abbey' movie last weekend, but my daughter had an audition for a show that ran overtime, and we had to scrap our plans. We're going tonight and I'm so thrilled; it's easily going to be the highlight of my year thus far! Have you seen it already? Did you LOVE it? I don't think I want to hear if you didn't ha ha.


  1. I did see DA and I loved it! It was so beautiful on the big screen. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

    You mentioned the carbon footprint worry, I am the opposite! I do my utmost to keep the United States Postal Service in business! Even with increased postage prices-it is still one of the best deal around in my mind. I actually get all sentimental thinking about the post all the way back to the Pony Express. Plus, they aren't funded by the federal government so they depend on us using their services!

  2. Willow and Thatch is the best site for period drama news! I've found so many shows I didn't even know about. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter too.