October 28, 2019

spooky season reading

Has it really been nearly a month since my last blog post? I am full of remorse! I have an excellent excuse. My family and I decided that since my 50th birthday is coming up next winter, we would SEIZE THE DAY, and since last summer, plans to take a trip abroad have been in the works. We all decided as a family that we'd like to go to PARIS, and by gum that's what we did. This was an enormous endeavor for us, because we are the ultimate homebodies, and I mean ULTIMATE. Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram, I'm showing and telling some photos from our trip, which we took in mid October for 9 days! If I really get it together, I'll put a few photos together to make a blog post here, but probably I won't have that energy.

As fabulous as it was to see Paris in the fall time, we were a bit sad to miss out on our favorite season of the year, and we're now trying to cram in as much spooky season as we can this week, sort of. I stumbled across the books of Kiran Millwood Hargrave the other day, and wondered why I haven't seen her books before, and well, I want to read ALL OF HER BOOKS NOW. Let's take a peek.

The first book I've picked is definitely spooky season material, while the rest seem very well suited for the fall and winter seasons in general.

'The Deathless Girls' is something I want in my hands RIGHT NOW. This book just came out this year in September, and is her YA debut novel. And it's about the backstory of the BRIDES OF DRACULA. Go take a look at the photos on Amazon - the end papers are gorgeous, the cover is gorgeous, everything is gorgeous, and I want to read this Very Extremely A Great Deal.

'The Girl of Ink and Stars' is a children's novel, won a ton of awards, including Children's Book of the Year at the British Book Awards, and with this story, Kiran's work has been compared to Neil Gaiman and Phillip Pullman. Maps, songbirds, a mysterious island, and a story that finds inspiration from the folklore of the Canary Islands - this one sounds ENCHANTING.

I just ordered 'The Way Past Winter' for myself - this is the book I came across that led me down the rabbit hole. You know me and gorgeous covers! I saw this and went YES PLEASE, and fairytale stories of frozen Scandinavian-esque north locales are an instant draw for me. A trio of sisters travel to rescue their brother from a land of eternal winter. I adore books like this!

'The Mercies' doesn't come out until February 2020, but I'm already planning to get this one, and I'm having an internal debate as to whether I should get the U.S. edition or the U.K. edition. I think I have to go with the U.K. I'm super intrigued by this - the remote Norwegian island of Vardo loses its population of male fishermen on Christmas Eve 1617, during a horrendous storm at sea. Several years later, a Scottish man arrives, bent on taming and controlling both the island and the women left remaining. The Vardo storm and the Vardo witch trials of 1621 were actual events that inspired the story, and I am getting my pre-order in NOW.

GUESS WHAT I HAVE MORE. I'll get another post up with more mysterious fall time reading in very soon!


  1. I'm leaving for Paris in a couple weeks; it's my first trip there, so I'm quite excited. Did you get to Shakespeare & Co. while you were there? It's high on my list, but alas, my fellow traveler is not so keen. Still, I'm determined. As always, your book recommendations are now added to my "must read" list. And, for what it's worth, I vote for the UK edition!

  2. I'll definitey go...I may hear some grumbling about it, but I'm going. We had the same issue when I insisted on going to Jane Austen's house in Chawton. And Beatrix Potter's house. And...well, you get the idea, lol. Books and history are my thing; engineering (yawn) and architecture are his. So it's always a juggling act. Which is why I really prefer to travel solo, lol.

  3. I would love to see a blog post on your recent trip to Paris! Please, pretty please!!

  4. I've been enjoying your Instagram photos! I was in Paris LAST October, and it was fabulous--a most wonderful trip. Shakespeare & Co is a must see. I also really enjoyed vising Eugene Delacroix's home, which is now a museum. His garden was peaceful oasis in the middle of bustling Paris.