November 15, 2019

cool stuff i like

Helloooooooo poppets!! How ARE you? I've emerged from the depths of my jumbo sized, all the extras included Parisian cold virus. (photos from our trip, including which books I brought home with me, are going on my Instagram!) Actually, I was better over a week ago, but then my wee teen came down with some kind of mini flu (we did get flu shots!) or something, and she was down for several days. Anyway, we're finally all better now, and I'm in a constant state of outrage that because Thanksgiving is so late this year, I have to be in overdrive mode NOW for the holidays (or at least I feel like I do) and I'm trying hard to get most of my holiday gift organization accomplished before Thanksgiving. First world fortunate problems.

Box news! UPDATE: LITTLE WOMEN BOXES ARE SOLD OUT.  I have TWO (2) boxes left available for the Little Women theme. THANK YOU to all who ordered!! This is a darling, charming box and.....unlike the Anne of Green Gables box, which I will continue to create all year round except Christmas - I will be discontinuing Little Women after these last boxes are sold. There's a TON of stuff in this box, and it's been one of my most labor intensive projects.

I'm ready to move on, and I created these in the spirit of being very excited about the new movie. (LOVE this interview with Saoirse Ronan and the photos of her!) The candle included is ENORMOUS and BEAUTIFUL, and if you have a Little Women lover in your house (or you perhaps?), you really do want one of these boxes. See here for the original post, and see HERE for more details on the Youth version of these parcels! And please see my 'Info' tab up above my the blog header for ordering details.

ALSO - my list is beginning to fill for 2020 Hygge Winter boxes, coming in February. If you fancy one, or wish to purchase a 3 or 6 month subscription, it's the perfect way to treat yourself or someone else, just sayin'. Each box I make I utter out loud to my husband, I WISH I COULD GET MY OWN BOX, lol.

Cool online things for you:

in my last post, I promised more mysterious fall time reading suggestions. this one, and this one (a YA version of one of my favorite fairytales!).

pumpkin maple muffins.

I AM HERE FOR THIS. (this is totally my new favorite blog)

lots of hygge happening here.

I completely forgot this happened lol. (spoilers)

Japanese laundry items roundup from Remodelista.

I posted this on Facebook, but if you missed it, you REALLY need to see this darling home tour.

these little DIY tiny houses are adorable!

cozy fall soups.

conscientious holiday shopping.

yes yes yes. capsule wardrobe. i've been working on this. my vice has always been 'oh look at that pretty floral printed shirt'. i now own a million floral or striped shirts and nothing else. my go-to shop to wean myself away from this has been Uniqlo. i will only be purchasing basics, and staying away from SO. MANY. PRINTS. i just want a uniform. last week i wore the same black tee and these overalls 3x. it was glorious! (and I'm so worried about something happening to these amazing overalls, I just ordered another pair.)

Cool Book of the Week: 'A Bitter Feast' by Deborah Crombie. Apparently this is BOOK 18 in her Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James novel series, but it is supposed to work quite well as a standalone. What grabbed me was the descriptor of this as a "cozy village mystery". COZY VILLAGE, YES PLEASE. Not only that, it's a cozy COTSWOLDS village. There are many descriptions of food, from what I hear. One reviewer wrote "Food, death and murder, detectives of every type, children, dogs, and wonderfully welcoming friendly people in Cotswold." WELL OK. Sounds grand and fun!

Have a lovely weekend!! I'll be wrapping the books for my Holiday boxes (which is only available as part of a 6 month subscription package!), and watching as many cheery things as I can, and also getting out for a WALK. In Paris, we walked about 4-5 miles a day and basically zero since we've been back and my body is like WHY ARE YOU NOT WALKING?? I'd love to know what you're reading, watching, and eating. Also I'm determined to see this, despite (or maybe because of) the dismal reviews.


  1. Thank you for sharing the cool stuff you like! Here's some cool things I like in return:

    I've been drinking Barnie's Creamy Buttery Caramel flavored coffee and eating Maple Nutty scones with it. Delish. Find the recipe for the scones here, if you're interested:

    I just started watching North and South on Netflix (from the Elizabeth Gaskell novel, starring Richard Armitage). Have you seen it? It seems like something you might like.

    And I've been reading vintage mysteries by Ngaio Marsh, the Inspector Alleyn series. And also the charming The Garden of Small Beginnings, by Abbi Waxman.

    After I returned from Paris last year, I came down with some miserable malady as well...perhaps it's our body's reaction to returning home from that magical place?! (And I had a flu shot before I went, too.)

    YES PLEASE to cozy mysteries in the Cotswolds with food and dogs and et cetera I'm putting this on my TBR list immediately. I'm too excited about that book to put any punctuation in the previous sentence.

  2. Overalls! Once again, we are versions of the same person. I have been eyeing this pair on Etsy with wide flowy legs. I like the ones you have, but would have to figure out the winter shoe/boot situation. Also, I made a long holiday wishlist strictly from Uniqlo last night (a new store opened near my husband's office). I can't wear overalls to work, but all those Uniqlo pants have stretchy waistbands.

  3. We loved your Little Women boxes! What a treat. I LOVE Deborah Crombie but I think I am behind on these mysteries.There is a TV series?? I must investigate! If you like these books, look for Ann Granger's Mitchell and Markby mysteries. They are wonderful!

    @Kathy A. Johnson-I am crazy about Abbi Waxman! I read The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, and immediately read every thing else she has written. Wonderful.

    I am also going to be shouty about North and South with Richard Armitage! One of my favorite miniseries EVER-and I love all things British! When she is leaving the mill and he says to himself "look back at me" I want to swoon! It is so dang romantic!