December 2, 2019

cool stuff i like

Hello HOLIDAY WARRIORS!! Yes, we are all indeed warriors lunging forth trying to keep it together through the holiday season. Happy December! Please please remember to take some time for yourself. My daughter and husband had Things to Do the evening during Thanksgiving weekend, and I was home alone watching this movie (so cute!) and making a holiday fabric ribbon garland, which I'll write a separate blog post about later in the week or early next week.

The book you see above, 'Christmas Pudding', I talk more about here. It's a charming British comedy of manners about upper class fancy folk staying in a country manor house at Christmas time. Have you read it?

Also, I'm going to keep mentioning the upcoming 2020 Winter Hygge Box that is mailing out next February! I'm nearing half full capacity for this theme, and if you recall last year I only sent it to subscribers because I was tired lol. The Hygge box is one of my most popular, and the book I want to use is coming to me from England (they have prettier cover editions than U.S. editions, I find), so now's the time! I'm officially taking orders, I'm very excited about this one, and this theme will sell out! Remember, I'm only one small human boxes making cute book parcels, so I only take on a limited number of orders for each box theme! See up above, the 'Info' tab to get ordering details.

AND - I will be raising my pricing by a couple of dollars per box in 2020. SO much work and time goes into these parcels! You might want to buy a 3 or 6 month subscription, or the Winter Hygge box NOW to get the 2019 pricing.

Let's get to the COOL STUFF that has floated across my radar lately:

I'm definitely making this mac and cheese recipe during the winter months. This is very very similar to the recipe that I use, but I usually just stick to sharp cheddar - I HEARTILY applaud the inclusion of Gruyere and Gouda. I was so excited about this recipe, I talked about it one morning to my husband Andrew, whose bon mots on this blog have been missing for FAR TOO LONG:

On mac and cheese: "I feel like people spend too much time trying to make mac and cheese something more than 'pedestrian fare' - when it's really unfit for discerning palates."


"Like, people who put LOBSTER in their mac and cheese - why you gotta waste good lobster on mac and cheese? It's like putting LIPSTICK ON A PIG."


Norwegian Cardamom Christmas Bread.

Healthy Hot Chocolate.

Picked up these snowflake coasters as a gift for a family member and I can't believe how darling they are - just gorgeous, heavy, and beautiful - and that price - Wow.

A FABULOUS gift guide for teen girls. I was toying with the idea of doing one, but Julia often reads my blog, so go read Jenny's gift guide instead! And this is a FABULOUS gift guide for all teens.

Sticky Cranberry Gingerbread.

If you haven't seen this yet, YOU'RE WELCOME, and I accept all cash donations for my services rendered.

I've been toying with this idea for years. Do you do this??

The Northstar Tabletop.

Lots and lots and LOTS of holiday decorating ideas.

Cool Book of the Week: I'm super excited about this. Madeleine l'Engle has a 'new' book coming out next spring, 'The Moment of Tenderness' - a collection of short stories and memoir type writings that were discovered by her granddaughter. Can you imagine?? Madeleine had a strong Christian faith going on which often found expression in her books - and I am NOT a Christian (I'm a devout believer in fairies and trees and whatnot, but I've been reading her books since I was 11 and I've never once felt turned off or imposed upon by any mentions of her faith in her writing.) I've always felt her expressions of faith to be more 'spiritual', rather than ascribing to any one particular way of living in this world. Which I very much appreciate.

I mention it only because I think in some of the memoir writings, she talks about some of her real life spirituality questions informing her fiction novels. Anyway, if Madeleine wrote it, I'm wanting to read it.Apparently according to Amazon, there are stories that run the gamut between "realism to science-fiction to fantasy".

Do you have your tree? We're getting ours in the next couple of days, and then decorating it this next weekend. It seems like everyone I know put their tree up Thanksgiving weekend because TDay was so late, but we like to keep out tree up well into the first week of January, so if it goes up to soon, it won't last until then. Don't forget to order your Hygge Box!!



  1. The double duvet idea I love! We don't do it, but we stayed at a StayPineapple Hotel a few years ago and they have them. I was confused at first, but then it didn't seem any different...but as I write this, I realize even on our California King sized bed and duvet, there are some times duvet tug of wars in the wee hours...!!! And I'm going to read that book you mentioned, thank you!

    1. we have a King as well, not a California one, just regular, and for the most part the blankets stay where they should, mostly because I toss them off lol. My worry with the double duvet is that they might shift all over while sleeping because they don't hang over the bed? There is MUCH FOOD FOR THOUGHT here lol.

  2. Oh and also - I love all those decorating ideas but ours will have to be minimal this year (especially the tree!) as we have a new kitten in the house. 6 year old Willoughby only played with a few lower ornaments last year, but oooof, 4 month old Mr. Biscuit will not be so civilized...!!!

    1. I REALLY REALLY want cats named Willoughby and Mr. Biscuit!! I told Andrew the names of your kitties and he heartily approves.

  3. We need double duvets at my house. My husband is winning the covers war, plus he would so love to tuck his duvet around him while he sleeps. Our first married difference of opinion 33 years ago was whether or not to tuck the sheets and blanket under the mattress.

  4. Also, thanks for the Madeleine L'Engle book alert--I love her writings, so will be on the lookout for this one.