March 16, 2020

cool stuff i like

This is going to be a Very Long Post my friends. So much news. Where to start. First, I haven't blogged since January. I mentioned on Instagram that this was because my mother had a tremendous fall and suffered a head wound and had several weeks of recovery, and all of February was just crazy. Then the world exploded with coronavirus.

Let me be clear on one point - COVID19 is NOT cool stuff I like. But while we're staying put as much as we can, I hope to bring a little bit of cheer here if I'm able!

I've got a bit of Box News:

My Winter Hygge boxes went out in February. I had a batch of British Boxes that went out in March before the active quarantines began in earnest. Those all went out except for three boxes that were still waiting for their books to arrive from England. I'm not stepping foot in the post office right now, so those remaining boxes will have to wait until later in the Spring, when I'm hoping the restrictions ease up. Here's the plan (I hope):

Remaining Brit Boxes, Spring Boxes for subscribers only, and a few Custom box orders ALL WILL BE DELAYED until end of April. The Spring boxes weren't due to mail out until late April, early May so there's no real change there. If things remain crazy and locked down, I will push this schedule to late May, or June. I will use this time to get all the boxes that were slated to go out this spring prepped, wrapped, and ready to mail as soon as I can safely navigate the post office again!

I won't be taking new orders for seasonal spring boxes - I'll probably take new orders again for the Summer box, the Autumn box, Anne of Green Gables boxes, and British Boxes - later in the summer months.

Blog News:

I'm hoping to blog more!! I'll have more time now that I'm not driving hither and yon taking my daughter to all of her various activities. So I'm aiming to devote more time to this space. I have a couple of new posts I hope to get out really soon that I'm excited to create for you!

Cool Stuff News: an extra long list

My friend from Northanger Soapworks shared this bit of joy. If you, like me, were SO VERY SAD about not having seen the new 'Emma' movie yet, GOOD NEWS!!!

The family lockdown guide.

Please direct your attention here.

Coronavirus family menu plan.

Since many of us will be at home, might be time to dust off diaries, etc. I liked these thoughts on bullet journaling.

I will totally watch this.

Mo Willems is doing a weekly livestream doodle for kids.

Just found a very cool and interesting new-to-me blog: Messy Nessy.

What a darling picture book!

Fabulous list of cool things from my friend Jenny. OH MY WORD I'm making that strawberry cake as soon as I can get my hands on some strawberries.

And lastly......BABY PANDA DAYCARE.

Cool Book of the Week: 'House of Trelawney' by Hannah Rothschild is a book I saw in a bookstore last month, and I immediately took a photo of it and filed it away in my ever running, ever accumulating future book list. It's said to be very witty and it focuses on an eccentric aristocratic family and their dilapidated estate in Cornwall. Once a grand family, the modern day descendants are quirky (one aunt studies fleas professionally) and dysfunctional, and the story is supposed to be full of dry black humor. This type of thing sounds just like what I would like to be reading right now, paired with tea and some treacle tart.

I have many posts planned! I had friends suggest topics to me, for which I'm grateful. It's been so long since I've posted, I was sort of thinking oh my....what do I write about anymore??

Be well and safe, xoxo


  1. Yes! No black market Emma! Lol. So happy you shared this and finally have something to look forward to. Good to see your post again.

    1. Thank you Sarah! I have loads more time to blog again! My daughter and I are planning an Emma party this Friday.

  2. The way our Native Americans are treated hurts my soul.

    Oh I'm totally watching Martha's new show. That sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea.

    Oh that kid's book does look cute!

    Baby Pandas! All the love eyes.

    1. I had to end with the pandas. Toss up in cuteness between these guys and Baby Yoda. I'm going to side with the pandas because they're actually real!

  3. Messy Nessy is amazing! Thanks. I hope your mother is okay. My 94-year-old mother-in-law fell and broke her femur.She's in a rehab place and now we can't visit! She's lonely and scared. So sad.

    1. Oh I am SO SORRY to hear about your mom!!!! My heart goes out to you. Much love and healing and calming vibes from me to you and her. xoxoxoxo