May 4, 2020

magical things

Ok lovelies, at this point I am ready to return to my 1996 self and go ALL IN on some crystals, candles, smudge sticks, and herbal tinctures to banish all of this whatever-the-flip is going on with the year 2020. NOW KILLER HORNETS ARE IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. I'm ready to attempt magic, spell cast, and actualize/manifest reality into something that DOES NOT RESEMBLE A HORROR NOVEL. I'm ready to light ALL THE CANDLES. All of them.

So let me share with you a little magical rabbit hole I went down the other day after seeing an amazing looking book that a friend posted about on Facebook - isn't it gorgeous??? That beauty packs a punch at 774 pages!

How darling does the 'Wellness Witch' book up above, by Nikki Van De Car and illustrated by Anisa Makhoul, look?! Magical self-care!! I need some of that. There's things like a recipe for lemon chamomile cupcakes. There's a moon manifestation ritual - I don't know what that is, but I'm here for it. There's a healing bath ritual with a recipe for DIY relaxing bath salts. Doesn't that all sound so nice? I need plenty of soothing spells right now! I'm finding that my enormous box of Cadbury chocolate isn't cutting it, sadly.

Judika Illes' books (I linked up above to her 'Encyclopedia of Spirits' book) are just SO beautiful looking, and I'm going to buy 'The Big Book of Practical Spells'. Seriously THAT COVER. You guys know my motto by now - show me a truly beautiful cover and I'll show you a sale. The book apparently shows you how to protect yourself from malevolent powers, among other things. Oh my stars can we all do this to shield the entire country from Voldemort 2.0?

I'm super keen to look at the lineup of books from Arin Murphy-Hiscock - and I have her 'House Witch' book already ordered, coming to me from England, because I like the UK cover better. I often prefer the UK covers to the US editions. I'm so excited for the 'House Witch' book because it covers rituals and spells for hearth and home. I don't have a hearth but I can pretend. It sounds like magic-in-the-kitchen, which sounds fun to me. And how pretty is her 'The Witch's Book of Self-Care: Magical Ways to Pamper, Soothe, and Care for Your Body and Spirit'?? This one offers advice to "help you to keep healthy, soothe stress, relinquish sadness, channel joy, and embrace your strength." Is there chocolate involved in this, I wonder?? I don't see how ANYTHING from that list can be achieved without chocolate, but I'm game to give it a whirl.

Aren't these oracle cards pretty? I don't know how to do Tarot, but Julia wants to learn. I have some angel affirmation cards that I've had since high school, and I just love them. I've seen the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle cards before, and I think I actually linked to them in another post a few years back.

I like the idea of oracle cards, or affirmation cards, more so than Tarot because they seem nice and uplifting no matter which card you draw. I don't need ANY MORE BAD NEWS, which is why I've always been a little hesitant about Tarot. I just want a happy thought for the day, thanks. The Enchanted Blossoms Empowerment Oracle cards are GORGEOUS, and I super love the depth of the colors and vintage Victorian style.

How charming are these lovelies from 1803 Candles?? I think they come in smaller sizes on the 1803 Candles website. I might investigate the wholesale offerings with them, because next year I'm probably moving away from seasonal surprise box themes and instead offering Cozy Boxes and British Boxes and maybe a couple of others, and doing them on a standalone, custom basis. These totally fit the right vibe for a Cozy Box!! I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to hold out much longer on willpower - I've been dithering on whether I should get the Grandma's Kitchen candle or not - (the correct answer is YES, I know) - I wish I could smell it first. I might get the smaller size on the website. I LOVE the names!! There's Biscuits & Honey, Cabin on the Hill, Nutmeg and Ginger, Apple Butter House, to name a few. AAAAAAH someone clearly knew how to market towards my brain.

I think these candles need to go along with some tea, biscuits, and some kitchen magic, oui?

I really wish you could have seen the LOOK on my husband's face when I told him last summer that we needed to get rid of "old energy" in the corners of our home. According to Feng Shui principles, energy can become 'stuck' in areas of the home, particularly corners. Clearing these problem areas out can lead to a more efficient flow of energy in the home. I asked him to find some smudge sticks (I think I was sick so I didn't go myself) and to his credit, he dutifully went out to a local health store pharmacy and came home instead with some incense for me that I DID NOT LIKE, lol. I wanted sage and he came home with CEDAR. Or pine. I can't recall. The cheek of the man! Andrew said "the only smudge stick I saw looked like a dog biscuit, so I got the incense instead."

When I asked him what he thought about all of the stuck energy in the corners, he said incredulously "THE WHAT? Like, dust? Or cobwebs? Does the energy get stuck in the cobwebs?" Then he said many words in a row that might be offensive to my audience. Use your imagination!

Bottom line to this tale of smudging, I didn't get the actual smudge sticks I was asking for, and I think this Aura and Chakra Smudge Kit looks Very Nice, with the abalone sea shell basin and the quartz crystals. And SAGE smudge sticks! I think you are supposed to light the smudge stick and fan the smoke with a feather. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: If you try this product, please DO NOT burn your house down! I only show the stuff. I don't MAKE you BUY the stuff. Or use it improperly.

This trio of books by one of the masters of magical realism, Alice Hoffman, caught my eye the other day. There's a bit of confusion here (for me) with this edition of 'Green Heart' - it's a YA fiction story set (about a a magical girl who has to Figure Out Her Life) that apparently contains both 'Green Angel' and the sequel, 'Green Witch'. But you can also get both books as standalones, and I think the cover of 'Green Witch' is so lovely! But I really love the first cover too, and you get both stories....sooooo I really can't help you here if you're trying to decide what to do. None of that made a lick of sense, I apologize.

I'm also very much wanting to check out 'The Red Garden', which is a collection of interwoven stories and characters that all take place in the same enchanted town in Massachusetts and involve a magical garden. And this fall, Hoffman's prequel to 'Practical Magic' arrives - 'Magic Lessons', and I'll be standing in line with my ordering pinky at the ready when it's available in paperback.

Ok so all of my jokes aside - I think there's something really lovely about lighting a candle, visualizing positive hopes and wishes, and strengthening one's connection to the natural world, while nurturing our frazzled bodies and minds. Whether you call it meditation, praying, or tree bathing - I know I personally need a LOT more practice in the art of doing calming things to quiet all the racing thoughts. When I get my UK copy of the 'House Witch' book, I'll show and tell about it on Instagram.

Stay well and be safe!


  1. The Red Garden was the first Alice Hoffman book I read, and I loved it. Followed up with The Rules of Magic, and Practical Magic, so I will be reading Magic Lessons when it comes out.

    1. Oh fun about The Red Garden!! I'm so excited to read it!

  2. Have you read Sarah Addison Allen's novels? Some of them, like Garden Spells, have a vibe similar to Practical Magic, and all of them are just so lovely and comforting without being too frivolous.

    1. YES YES YES Oh I have and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of her books!!! A couple of posts back, I made a blog post about my personal comfort reads. Garden Spells is one of those books!!! I can't wait for her to create a new book, I think she's been working on one!!!

  3. She is! And I'm soooo excited for it. (That's me, above; juggling multiple google accounts because of homeschooling, sigh.)