August 14, 2020

cool stuff i like

 Well hello. I feel like I begin every blog post this way, apologizing for how long it has been. The truth is...I think I'm reaching the end of the road with this blog. Instagram is quicker and easier and chattier. It's a ton of work to get a bunch of photos up in a blog post, versus concentrating on getting ONE photo up on Instagram. These are the times we're living in. 

And while I do love the ability to long form ramble here - let's just get it on the table that blog posts are going to be few and far between. I just don't have the energy. Unless I really get a bee in my bonnet, I don't think I'm going to be here much. Once remote learning starts for Julia in the fall, my time is going to become even more scarce. I still enjoy hunting and scavenging items of interest, so who knows. I say all kinds of nonsensical things, and change my mind every other day, so I might show up here more than I think. If only to grumble and moan.

One thing I want to mention - Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom has written a brilliant post perfectly articulating everything I am feeling about people supporting the current 45 administration.

Note: I've already had some pissy personal emails.  Don't bother. In the future I will not read them, and if I get them on Instagram, those accounts will be blocked. So if you feel the need to write me with your personal disappointment regarding my extreme dismay about everything Trump related.....just move. it. along.

Until the election, my nerves are going to be frazzled to a crisp. So......sort of goodbye-ish??  If you want to hang out, come over to Instagram! Unless, see above, for the short attention span crowd. Longtime readers of this blog know I don't mince words around here.

Also - I announced on Instagram that I'm winding down the book box biz - 3 years was fun, but it's SOOOOOO much work and they don't really yield much financially, so I'm scaling back. I might make some specialty themes next year, and I'm up for custom orders, but really, I'm just going to try and rein in my massive anxiety and take care of my family right now. And READ more books, instead of wrapping and packing them ha ha ha.

Some cool stuff I managed to find online:

EXACTLY the emotion I had.

Target has a new candle called 'Bookshop'.

And speaking of Target, I love ALL of this.

Where to start reading Vita Sackville-West books.

How to create the perfect summer picnic, pandemic-style.

A singing teen version of 'Macbeth'?? I AM HERE FOR IT.

A very cottagecore home tour set in the English countryside.

Dear friend sent this article to me. Spot on. 

Books and indie booksellers to get you out of your reading slump. (a couple of my all time favs are on this Very Cool List.)

Cool Book of the Week: 'Mexican Gothic' by Silvia Moreno-Garcia had me when it was described as "Lovecraft meets the Brontes in Latin America." OK. I'm ALL IN for that! A house called High Place in the Mexican countryside. A debutante who seeks it out, hoping to aid her cousin In Distress. A mysterious family with SECRETS, of course. It's been described as the perfect summer horror read, and I'm so intrigued. I think it looks perfect for this time of year, the winding down of summer and slow burn into autumn.

Have a great weekend! It looks like it's going to be one of the warmest weather days of the year around here on Sunday, so that means we'll be hiding from it. I really want to learn how to play Settlers of Catan.
xo, Melissa


  1. Funny that the pandemic makes you want to not blog and for me it made me really restart mine. I started The Corona Diaries in March and some weeks it's a challenge and others it's catharsis. I'll miss these posts, but I know how to find you! :-) Also the picnic thing is great! We've had many on our own and a couple with familes from Harper's school. The park we went to has a big field for kite flying and a sidewalk loop for bike riding. All with masks of course. It was great to get some kids together for that kind of distant play. Alas, my picnics were more TJ's cheese doodles and apple slices than fancy charcuterie! lol xoxox

    1. Ohhhhhhh I change my mind every two seconds. I could never abandon my blog completely. Instagram just feels more immediate and engaged. Our last picnic we picked up takeout burgers ha ha. I would love to find an old fashioned basket, the kind with a lid that opens up on each side!

  2. Hey! If anyone sees this, a comment came in and I tried to publish it and then it went away. Something about pre-ordering? Not sure what this was about. Anyway if the person who wrote that comment sees this, please write me again.

  3. Well I will admit, I'm super sad about the loss of this blog. I have loved it for years, it's such a hygge thing for me-all comfort and warmth. But I will buck up and remember what my daughter said when she went off to college "it would be sad if we weren't sad.". I want to thank you for your blog, and the boxes you put together. My daughter and I LOVED them, and it was so fun to open them, and even though we were apart, we would rhapsodize over the contents. It was a very sweet thing for us, so seriously-so many thanks. All the little things wrapped so brilliantly-every item felt so special.

    We love you, Melissa!!

    1. OMIGOSH Maureen you are so kind and so sweet and I appreciate you so much! Are you on Instagram??? It's not that I mind blogging, I really do love it, but I feel badly about not including more photos - that's the time consuming part. I very much enjoy making collages and finding fun things - I'm sure I'll still pop in and do stuff like that. Mostly, it's the days of me photographing pages and pages of books and styling them - I can't do THAT anymore. Took me forever! You are so supportive and I appreciate you so much. I've been really enjoying something I see on Instagram - these beautiful mood boards things the kiddos are making - super cool, but I don't know how to do it on Instagram. I might try my hand on making some on my laptop to display here. Things like How to Have a Forest Tea Party, and then there are these cute images collaged together. I think I'll be sad if I don't have a creative outlet. Mostly I'm just TIRED. Autumn might put the wind back in my sails!

  4. I totally hear ya. That's where I see you and keep up with you.

    Target candle: yes please

    And yes all of that. Like that blanket. Such a gorgeous color.

    I need to read more about this Macbeth.

    That cottage. I don't normally like dark wall colors but that blue is pretty lovely.

    That Mexican Gothic cover is so pretty. I want that dress.

    1. That dress! It's amazing right?! And I'm SO intrigued by the teen Macbeth!

  5. I share the feeling about the blog. However I just love reading some interesting blogs like yours. I live in the middle of nowhere and don't really have much of a social life so the internet brings the world to me. I love when you do posts like this with things you like. I hope you can share in Instagram those things as well. I can hardly wait for this year to be over. I want to wake up and see it's May 2021. I will check your instagram and follow you. Thank you for this blog! I know it's work and time consuming. Wish you the best!!

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