September 29, 2020

cool stuff i like

Hello #oatmealwarriors! If you're wondering what I mean by that, check out this Instagram post I created last weekend. My friends, I sincerely hope that you're doing ok. I feel like I've been in such low spirits for such a long time, but I've decided that I am going to gather all of my gratitude, place it firmly in the forefront of my mind, and celebrate all the little things. #1 on the list - distance learning for the most part is going very well for Julia, and getting to see her so much this past year has truly been a gift. 

And speaking of gifts, Emily Winfield Martin's beautiful book 'The Imaginaries - Little Scraps of Larger Stories' is one of the most enchanting books that we own. I featured it last spring/summer (who knows??)  on Instagram more in depth. A work of art, with pages of fairy tale images come to life paired with tiny fragments of mysterious words that lead and prompt the reader to take the story further on their own. Pure loveliness, and would make for the most unique and special treat for anyone aged 5 to 105.

Funny (?) story - I went to Trader Joe's last week and ALL of the autumn and pumpkin treats were in stock. ALL OF THEM. And I think I had ALL OF THEM in my cart and then I felt bad, like so much autumnal excess was just WRONG, and I put most of it back. And then I had so much REGRET. So now I'm going back to get the Vanilla Pumpkin Candle, the Maple Kettle Corn, the Apple Cider Doughnuts, the Pumpkin Curry Simmer Sauce, and the Pumpkin and Paneer Samosas. And now that I've written it all out, now I feel bad again. We need NONE of these things. AAAAAAAH.

(*UPDATE 09/29 Tuesday evening after the debate: I am no longer conflicted about any future Trader Joe's autumnal purchases. I will be purchasing ALL THE THINGS because I deserve it after watching that dumpster fire of a criminal promote blatant white supremacy in a NATIONAL PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE FORUM.)

Let's move on to online treats for you to see:

I want to live in this room.

Very intrigued by 'The Midnight Library'

Ways to get involved in national issues. Super great list/blog, with lots of ideas and choices on how to participate.

The perfect afternoon snack?

15 great campus novels.

Going to be watching this documentary about RBG asap.

Look at all of these cute reading sweatshirts! This search was inspired by my discovery of a 'reading sweater' on Cup of Jo and I started instantly hyperventilating. That excitement turned quickly to sadness when I RACED to see and discovered that everything was out of stock. (also not sure about that price for a cardigan, but still, I adore the colors and the concept.)

Big thanks to the brilliant MFAMB for pointing me to this UK home decor website

I get it. I see what she's saying. I really do. But I think I'll still watch this

HOW have I never HEARD of Kashmir Pink Tea??? (still searching to see if there exists a variety one can actually order or purchase.)

 Old fashioned butterscotch pudding.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Once and Future Witches' by Alix E. Harrow, who also wrote the very fun 'The Ten Thousand Doors of January'. My dear friend Danzel from Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes was so kind to let me know this book was being published this October! Magic AND suffragettes? I am HERE for THIS. Witches empowering women to vote? I'm literally nodding my head as I type. Fun!

Have a great rest of your week! The reporting from the New York Times about you-know-who's tax debacle is really putting the wind in my sails right now. Let me know what falltimey things are bringing you joy! Also please please VOTE. I'm so excited to vote this year I'm giddy.




  1. Those cardigans are FAB! And a tad expensive....especially for cotton! They better be sturdy enough to put in one's will! Maybe I'll put it on my christmas/birthday wish list, along with one of the reading sweatshirts! Okay - this is important: Next time you are at TJs or anywhere and start putting things back for some silly notion of "I really shouldn't" CALL ME AT ONCE! I'll talk you right back into it. Hell, I'll go to our TJs (we have the #7 store 1/2 mile away) and buy it all and ship it to you. We are living in the upside down and need all the help we can get!

    1. i very much should have called you immediately. I'm learning the hard way that one day in stock at Trader Joe's can almost immediately the next day be out of stock FOR THE YEAR. You have to move lightning fast! I went back yesterday, less than week between trips, and the Vanilla Pumpkin candle all gone, as well as the whole shelf of Spicy Pumpkin Curry gone. But I did get the Maple Kettle Corn and the doughnuts! Hurray, just what my waistline needed....

  2. I am totally on board with going back to Trader Joe's and picking up all things fall after last night's debate! Hang in there with the anxiety. You're not alone in feeling that way. Your post was definitely a bright spot to my morning, so thank you.

    1. Nancy, I'm so glad to have brought a little lift! I organized my daughter's sock drawer today and it brought me SO MUCH JOY and my daughter was like um wow Mom. Organizing a sock drawer should not be making you this happy! I will take whatever I can get!

  3. I forgot to add, I have also eaten everyone's fair share of apple cider donuts.

    1. I ate the rest of Julia's last night and today I will eat my own in its entirety.

  4. As someone who doesn't have access to a Trader Joe's, go back and get all the pumpkiny fall stuff! I'm always so jealous of the people who write about all the wonderful things they find there.

    1. So my family has been talking for literally years about moving - maybe to Europe, maybe to the East Coast -- but we all had a stop a moment thought the other day - could we really move away to someplace that doesn't have near access to a Trader Joe's???? It's a legitimate and real source of joy in our lives. I'm not joking at all!

  5. I like your plan. Honestly, gratitude is the only thing that's keeping me in the right mind set right now.

    Oh my goodness, I need a trip to TJ's. I just heard about their Maple Kettle Corn and fall isn't complete without at least one apple cider donut.

    That debate her my heart last night.

    Trump is such a bully. He makes me sick. Last night I wanted to stress eat.

    That room is lovely but rather busy. It's also oddly comforting though, isn't it?

    Oooo The Midnight Library is on my TBR too.

    I'm on the fence about Emily in Paris. I think a younger me would've loved it though.

    That pudding = all the love eyes

    Why have I never searched reading sweatshirts?

    Pink tea sounds so odd (salt and baking soda) and yet so delicious. I hope I get to try it some day somewhere exceptionally exotic.

    1. I meant to say hurt my heart, last night.

    2. That room...Yes I thought the same thing! It is SO BUSY. But I'm totally obsessed with it. I could not have a whole house like it, and I actually veer more towards minimalism than maximalism. But I think I could happily read and drink tea in that room forever! Re the pink tea - apparently some tea shops sell just the sweetened and spiced variation of it - that sounds more up my alley. Re the election - I will keep having hope of a Biden Blowout Tsunami everyday....

  6. Great links!! That Kashmir pink tea sounds very interesting! Thanks for sharing!! Keep well and healthy!

    1. Angela!! YOU TOO! All the safe and healthy vibes! Sorry, only nearly a month late with a reply. it's been such a crazy time!